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Build A Better Universe

(5/6/2000) Think you can make our crazy dreams come true? Lutasarts gives out the source code for Cyberion.

The puzzle pieces to make Cyberion a winner is in your hands. 

When LutasArt's first major title Cyberion entered V Planet's Top Arcade Game list, the original and refreshing space game made a disappointing debut at the #15 spot. This was especially surprising for a game like Cyberion, which has the originality and the creativity that V Planet praises whenever we review a new QB game.

While Cyberion had a lot of great gameplay elements, the problem lies in the execution of these elements. Each individual task you can do in the game: land on planets, participate in the Intergalactic stock market, shoot down asteroids, and travel in hyperspace, are fun by themselves. But each mini-game within Cyberion was not seamlessly placed into the game's central mission.

When we presented our ideas for Cyberion to Lutasarts, Lutasarts concurred that new features would make the game Cyberion more fun to play. However Lutasarts is currently concentrating on Pebbledash, one of the games that will be featured in time for the 2000 QB Expo. This means that all of Lutasart's time right now is invested in making sure that Pebbledash is more than presentable by the summer, and that there is no excess time to invest to make improvements on Cyberion.

However, in the hope of having a new and improved version of Cyberion for the public, Lutasarts decided to release the open source of Cyberion for QB programmers. This comes as a very welcome compromise because it gives programmers who may not have the time to start a project from scratch an opportunity to turn a game that has amazing potential into a QB classic.

Basically Cyberion is a combination of many space-style Atari games like Tempest, Asteroids, and Lander. Your job as a QB programmer will probably be to find a way to connect all of these elements as you see fit. Change the game any way you want. Give the ship some gigantic weapons. Bring on the Klingons. Do whatever your mad imagination sees fit.

If you're interested in working on Cyberion, please click here to download the source code (you'll need a version of QuickBasic to write the game). If you want some ideas for how to improve Cyberion, we've got a bevy of them in our article "Cyberion Wish List".... read that article by clicking here.

Visit Lutasarts, home of Cyberion, Pebbledash, and a whole lot of other neat stuff. Their new URL is

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