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Updated November 20, 2004

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What's That Game?: Gaming Gold Candidate Watch
(9/25/2002) Not all the games featured in this year's QB Gaming Gold Awards have been reviewed by V Planet. Here's where you can find some of the other projects featured on the 2002 QB Gaming Gold Awards ballot.

With over thirty different nominated games and demos for this year's QB Gaming Gold Awards, making a completely informed decision on the Gaming Gold ballot requires a greater knowledge of QB games than ever. V Planet does it's best to keep people informed by reviewing as many QB games as possible, but sometimes some games get nominated before V Planet can feature it.

To help people make as informed a decision as possible, the following article now lists some of the unreviewed games featured in this year's Gaming Gold Awards, with a link that allows you to download and learn more about that game from each project's creators. 

Candidate #1: Acalypha (
Nominated For: Best RPG

A Zelda-style RPG with a mission-based system and original graphics. Rated:  (Kids to Adults)

Candidate #2: The ARC Network (
Nominated For: Best Original Music, Best Story

The sequel to the QBRPG The ARC Legacy, taking place five years after the fall of King Damien II. Rated:  (Mature; recommended for 18+ years of age)

Candidate #3: Arrakis (
Nominated For: Best Strategy Game

A QB real-time strategy game, based on the popular strategy game made by Virgin. Rated:  (Kids to Adults)

Candidate #4: Frantic Journey (
Nominated For: Gaming Gold Generations

A side-scrolling spaceshooter inspired by Konami's Gradius series. Rated:  (Mature; recommended for 18+ years of age)

Candidate #5: The Hunt (
Nominated For: Best Arcade Game

Fast-paced, car-chasing game where you're the one being chased. Rated:  (Teens and Up)

Candidate #6: Jill the Goddess (
Nominated For: Best Original Graphics, Best Original Music, Gaming Babe, Best Platform Game, Game of the Year

A multi-level platform game featuring magical creatures, wing boots, heal pots, and adult material. Rated:  (Adults Only)

Candidate #7: Secret of Cooey 3 (
Nominated For: Best Original Graphics, Best Story, Gaming Gold Generations

The third chapter in the Secret of Cooey series of RPGs. Rated:  (Kids to Adults)

Candidate #8: Snow Brawl (
Nominated For: Best Sound/Sound Editing, Best Platform Game

An ice-packed platform game with kites, chutes, and many snow-fight inspired weapons. Rated:  (Kids to Adults)

Candidate #9: Super Sumo Wrestling 2002 (
Nominated For: Best Original Graphics, Best Sound/Sound Editing, Best Arcade Game, Game of the Year

The sequel to the top-rated sumo wrestling game shown at V Planet. Rated:  (Teens and Up)

Candidate #10: Unmei Densetsu (Legends of Destiny) (
Nominated For: Gaming Gold Generations

An RPG with an isometric battle system, currently under construction. Rating pending.

As the voting for the 2002 QB Gaming Golds continue, expect more and more candidate watches to be pumped into V Planet constantly, as we find the locations of these games.

Article written by Vance Velez, Editor

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