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2001 Gaming Golds Overview

(10/19/2000) V Planet brings back one of two of the biggest QB programmer's competitions this season (the other being the 2001 Qlympics). Nominate your favorite QB games now!

Now's the time to nominate your QB games for the 2nd Annual Gaming Gold Awards.

Just as quickly as the 2000 QB Expo is coming to a close and the 2001 Qlympics is getting underway, there's one more event that you should be watching out for if you were a big QB programmer this year, the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards.

For those of you who need a refresher course about what the QB Gaming Gold Awards are, here's the skinny. Every year, V Planet holds a QB "Viewer's Choice" awards where people get to vote for their favorite games in one of these thirteen categories:

Best Original Graphics in A Video Game
Best Original Music in A Video Game
Best Original Story
Best QB Puzzle Game *NEW*
Best Sound Effects/Sound Editing 
Best QB Gaming Hunk 
Best QB Gaming Babe 
Best Arcade Game
QB Gaming Gold Generations Award (best QB demo/QB classic) 
QB Gaming Legend (honorary award to an outstanding member of the QB community)
Best RPG
Best Programming Team 
Game of the Year

Here's the twist though: voters can't vote for just any old QB game; members of the QB community can only vote for the QB games that will show up on the 2001 QB Gaming Gold ballot. And to get your favorite QB games on the ballot, you have to nominate them.

To nominate a QB game for the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards, all you have to do is e-mail the name of the QB games you want to nominate to We have to receive enough nominations for a game title, it will be included in the 2001 QB Gaming Gold ballot!

Remember this: Although you're encouraged to nominate more recent games, you can nominate any game made in QB history. This means that although you're encouraged to nominate QB games released after 1999, you can nominate any number of games in QB that you think deserve these awards, no matter what year they were made. There is a catch though: anyone, any game, or any coding group that was in the ballot for a category in last year's QB Gaming Gold awards can not be in the ballot for that same category. For example, in the 2000 QB Gaming Gold Award ballot, the six nominees for Game of the Year were Wetspot 2, Monospace, Dark Ages I: The Continents, Wandering Hamster, Kids of Karendow, and The Secret of Cooey 2. That means that all six of these games can not be nominated for Game of the Year again this year. Keep this in mind when you send in your nominations.

Just in case you're curious about what happens if nobody from the QB community nominates any game (apathy), V Planet and a few chosen QB affiliates will decide the remaining nominees in each respective category. Remember though that we want you to make the decision as to who ends up being on the Gaming Gold ballot. To help get the wheels in your head rolling as you think up this year's QB Gaming Gold nominees, you can visit last year's QB Gaming Gold results at

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