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Hit Me QB One More Time

(10/27/2000) After ten satisfying issues, editor Nightwolf steps down from the QB Times! Find out what this means for readers of this fine publication.

The last "monthly" issue of the QB Times maintains the quality the publication has made over the years.

For many years, Marinus Israel (better known as Nightwolf) has been in charge of two of the most major and professional QB programming sites since the first generation of QB on the Internet. One of these sites, the Programming Oasis, is an evolved version of the Nightwolf Productions site. Over the years this site has flourished into a programmer's tool for QB programmers as well as programmers interested in Pascal, C++, Visual C++, or Web development.

The other site held by Marinus Israel, the QB Times, was not as fortunate as of late. After the fifth and sixth double-sized issue, the normally flamboyant monthly QB Times enjoyed programming articles of even better quality after an alliance between Webmaster/Editor Nightwolf and Future Software Webmaster Jorden Chamid. But in recent months various technical complications, hacker problems, and a password change with the server used in have caused problems for related sites across the board, including QBasic/Quickbasic News, Future Software, the Programming Oasis, and especially the QB Times.

While most of the sites handled by will recover nicely after a new password is made and all of's subsidiaries are properly restored, the QB Times has already experienced some problems as of late. Perhaps the most telling of these problems is the school year, which has hampered much of Nightwolf's free time, making updating The QB Times a more difficult and less enjoyable task. The last few issues of the QB Times, while maintaining the high level of quality, updated less frequently. So, with the combined technical and social conflicts, Nightwolf and Jorden Chamid decided to drop the standard monthly format that the QB Times usually carries. This is the bad news, clarified by this "Goodbye" message (the message was posted at the end of Issue #10 of the QB Times):

"Goodbye... Yes you read that right...GOODBYE, as in farewell...
The authors of the QB Times, Marinus Israel and Jorden Chamid decided it's time to stop with this magazine. We have brought you loads of news and articles, in the ten issues of QB Times. Now, after a long time, we have decided it's time for something new. We both are doing less and less QB programming, more C/C++ and web applications. Time is essential when writing for a magazine, and time is nothing we both don't have anymore. The last issue has been delayed a dozen times, that's why we decided to quit the job. 

"We want to thank everybody who read our issues, and a HUGE THANX goes out to everybody who wrote articles or tutorials for us. Without you guys it wouldn't be possible to bring out the mag!

"Marinus and Jorden, signing off "

So the QB Times is done, right? Well, not necessarily. While Nightwolf and Jorden Chamid will no longer hold responsibility for much of the QB Times, Nightwolf does realize that The QB Times has a large readership among QB programmers. Also, the QB Times still holds the largest online staff for a QB online magazine, even without the aid of Nightwolf or Jorden Chamid. Among these writers include Nethergoth (Aethersoft), abionnnn, gza_wu, Dae Breaker (of Dark Ages I remake fame), Maz, Maxx, Matthew River Knight (known for being the original editor of QB Cult Magazine),  Bram Bouwmans, Gered King, Sam Thursfield, and Steven Collison. And while Nightwolf and Jorden will be taking a much deserved rest from the publication, all these remaining writers will be eager to continue writing for the QB Times; so to this, Nightwolf proposed a compromise:

"...I will be working on a script which has all the articles and series the QB Times had in all it's 10 issues. You can search these articles and download them, etc. I and, I hope, the other writers of the QB Times will continue to submit articles so we can keep the database of articles up to date with the latest craze in QBasic. I think this new service will launch in about a month... well, before the end of the year :-)"

-NW signing of as editor of the QB Times. 

So from this point on, the QB Times will turn into a QB article archive, much like the already successful archive for QB: The Magazine, which is currently a subsidiary of But once this new script is presented, will the writers of the QB Times continue to write articles for the publication, or will they disband to other QB publications? Other QB programming sites like Neozones Productions and even an online QB programmer's magazine like QB Cult Magazine offer a good place for tutorials, and extra employment from The QB Times could certainly be in both of these site's favors. And does the QB Times need a leader? It would be awesome if the QB Times could retain that monthly update system like the glory days back at Nightwolf Productions, but it would be a daunting task to replace Nightwolf as an editor. And perhaps the most important question is or whether or not the QB programmers a generation from now will stop by the QB Times archives and realize just how much history the QB Times staff covered over its ten-issue run.

Only time wil tell.

Article written by Vance Velez

Visit The Last Issue of The QB Times at

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