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2001 Gaming Gold Awards Ballot Finished!

(1/23/2001) You came, you saw, you nominated. Now hear what you guys picked as the nominees for the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards.

Last year the Gaming Golds praised the QBRPGs, with Shadow of Power taking top honors. Who will be the winners this year?

After visiting chatrooms, reading e-mails, going through the nomination form, and having many online discussions, the Gaming Golds ballot is complete! This ballot, which includes fourteen categories (including one more new category, The "Best Platformer" Award), contains QB games and members of the QB community chosen by you, the QB community. Nominees were chosen through chatrooms, readng e-mails, and the nomination form. For each category, only five to six nominees could be chosen.

An update after these nominees are posted, the official 2001 QB Gaming Gold Ballot will be released. In that phase, you'll be allowed to vote once per day for the nominees shown on this list. After the deadline for ballot entries, the winners of the 2001 QB Gaming Golds will be announced, pretty 2001 Gaming Gold plaques will be handed out, and a new website will be put together to show off the final results.

But that's getting a little ahead of ourselves. For now, without further filler, here are the nominees you have chosen for the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards:


Best Original Graphics
Ultimate Super Stack (Oren Bartal)
PromZone (SV Reanimator)
Mysterious Song (Darkness Ethereal)
Dynamic: Colonization of Jupiter (Sasha Vukelich)
Percussor (TMB)

Best Original Music
Super Sumo Wrestling (Typosoft)
Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: Dawn of a Revolution (PHAT Kids)
Raven the Yoyo Commando (V Games)
Mysterious Song (Darkness Ethereal)
Percussor (TMB)

Best Original Story
The ARC Legacy (Abstract Productions)
Mysterious Song (Darkness Ethereal)
Little Pixy 2 (TMB)
Chicken Jockey (Hafiz Kassam)
Shadow Legend 2 (Random Projects)

Best Puzzle Game (NEW)
Ultimate Super Stack (Oren Bartal)
Diamond Fighter IV (Master Creating)
Alternate Logic Puzzles (Alternate Reality Entertainment)
Puzzle Bomber Plus (Hyper Anime)
Confaive (Kaswoj Software)

Best Sound Effects/Sound
Ultimate Super Stack (Oren Bartal)
Shell Shock (Jeremy Hammond)
Percussor (TMB)
Dynamic: Colonization of Jupiter (Sasha Vukelich)
PromZone (SV Reanimator)

Best QB Gaming Hunk
Rydar (The ARC Legacy)
Raven (Raven: The Yoyo Commando)
Sumo X (Super Sumo Wrestling)
Johnny Abbott (Suds Skin/Johnny's Adventures)
Joe Johnson (Diamond Fighter IV)

Best QB Gaming Babe
CyberChick (CyberChick)
Cindy (MiniRPG 1 Boardgame)
Suzie (Puzzle Bomber Plus)
Kalrin (The ARC Legacy)
Showl (Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: Dawn of A Revolution)
Sandra (Suds Skin)

Best Arcade Game
Alien Terror (Binary Magic)
Shell Shock (Jeremy Hammond)
Dynamic: Colonization of Jupiter (Sasha Vukelich)
Percussor (TMB)
Super Sumo Wrestling (Typosoft)

Best Platform Game (NEW)
Raven: The Yoyo Commando (V Games)
Little Pixy 2 (TMB)
PromZone (SV Reanimator)
Sonic XTreme Version 7 (QBasic Central)
Around The World (TMB)

Gaming Gold Generations
The ARC Network (Abstract Productions)
ProjectRPG (BlueFire Productions)
Untitled (Tsugumo and FrozenEmu)
Kaboom! (Dieter Marfurt)
Project: Zeta (Aethersoft)
Ghini Run Expo Demo (Piptol Productions)

Gaming Gold Legend
Dieter Marfurt

Best RPG
The ARC Legacy (Abstract Productions)
Mysterious Song (Darkness Ethereal)
Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: Dawn of a Revolution (PHAT Kids)
Land of Illusions (Skywaffle Productions)
Shadow Legend 2 (Random Projects)

Programming Team of the Year
Random Projects
Hyper Anime

Game of the Year
Ultimate Super Stack (Oren Bartal)
Mysterious Song (Darkness Ethereal)
Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: Dawn of a Revolution (PHAT Kids)
Dynamic: Colonization of Jupiter (Sasha Vukelich)
PromZone (SV Reanimator)


We thank all the people who nominated the games, and we congratulate all the QB developers this year who worked very hard to produce the titles in the nominee list shown above. The nomination process for this year's Gaming Gold awards was easily more intense than last year. Instead of nominations seeping in slowly until the ballot was complete, competition for nomination spots in every category was fierce.

It was tough watching your choices narrow down to five or six nominees during the home stretch, but in the end we looked at the nomination lists ourselves. We're stunned; with so many high-quality titles in competition, it's going to be very hard to guess who will win the coveted Gaming Golds!

Article by Vance Velez, Editor

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