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Master Creating Makes its Picks 

(9/3/2000) The RPG Team behind Shadow of Power picks their favorite games from the QB Expo.

Alien Terror, the newest game to enter our Top Arcade Games list, also earned a spot in Master Creating's top five.

Video games are truly an acquired taste. So when QB affiliate Master Creating decided to take a trip through the meandering halls of the QB Expo, they decided to talk about their five favorite games from the QB Expo. We decided to compare notes with Master Creating to see if the team that brought Shadow of Power has the same games that are floating in our minds:

Acalypha (v0.6) (RPG Palace 2)
Master Creating says: "Another RPG with nice Secret of Mana-style graphics as well. Features night and day and the gameplay reminds me on Zelda I."

We say go try out this game! The graphics off this VGamesoft RPG are among some of the best I've ever seen off a Zelda-style game (well, the game's up there with Master Creating's very own Zelda-style game Shadow of Power). Also, Master Creating usually defends their Zelda-style game with the greatest of ease... so if what they saw impresses them, then it must mean that this download is a must-see.

Alien Terror (Adventure Island)
Master Creating says: "Very simple but cool! You have to kill slimy green aliens with a machine gun. I´ve already had a lot of experience with green aliens from Diamond Fighter IV..."

We say this is probably going to be Binary Magic's bread-and-butter franchise for a while. Alien Terror holds a lot of promise because it's got guns, blood, and gameplay. And while it's another alien invasion game, Alien Terror wastes no time going straight to the carnage. It impressed us so much that it was one of the first Expo titles we reviewed.

GhiniRunXPO (Sports World)
Master Creating says: "A great VGA racing game with unique arcade gameplay! I´m already waiting for the finished game."

We say that we haven't tried Piptol Production's Outrunners style game, but supposedly it looks and feels like a racer in the view of Cruisin' USA and Gran Turismo. The screenshots at the Expo booth literally blew us away, so we're saving a review on this baby for last.

Dynamic v1.5 (Starship Galaxy)
Master Creating says: "The newest version of the popular spaceshooter. I like it - only a little too much line-effects."

We say if any spaceshooter is going to knock out Dynamic from our Top Arcade Game list, the job got slightly tougher. Sasha Vukelich finally overcame all the problems he was having with the Future.Lib, and now Dynamic has more levels to keep QB gamers busy.

Untitled (RPG Palace 1)
Master Creating says: "The demo of an upcoming RPG with cool graphics and the best atmosphere I´ve ever seen in a Quickbasic game!"

We say Tsugumo (of TheRPG fame) is back. But this he's gone much further than just an RPG demo, and with FrozenEmu working by his side (and a little more development time) it looks like Untitled will be the first of Tsugumo's titles to make it to the Top QBRPG list.

Of course, our Top games from the QB Expo may vary a little from Master Creating's list, but we're not going to reveal our version of the Top five until all the games scheduled for the QB Expo have been shown. Until then, on your next visit to the QB Expo take these five games to your heart. They've been tested and approved by one of the best QBRPG makers in the business.

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