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Bob Saget Gets Banished

(11/26/99) You may have heard from one QB site or another that M/K Production's Bob Saget Killer 2000 is one of the best QB games ever made. But it couldn't possibly be because...

From here the gameplay in Bob Saget Killer 2000 takes a sharp turn. isn't a true game. If you've ever tried Bob Saget Killer 2000 before, you pretty much have an idea of how this title works. First, as shown above, Bob Saget rises from the bottom of the screen and insults himself. Then, you get to use your mouse to pretty much like a crosshair. You get to blow up Bob Saget into smithereens, and the "game" ends.

If we had to review a title like for our magazine, we would have to give it an "M" rating right off the bat because Bob Saget Killer 2000 is already more violent than most video games. And V Planet doesn't agree with making hate games, or games that show non-fictitious persons getting hurt to influence hate propaganda. Still, had it been a "game", we still would have rated it as impartially as any other review. Maybe the report card would look like this:
Graphics v Getting a picture of Bob Saget and superimposing it on top of your game will not get you many points.
Sound/Music vv Blowing up Bob Saget in the midst of carnival music... definitely not a title for your children, moms and dads.
Gameplay   Winning is as simple as pointing and clicking your mouse. 
Story   Bob Saget Killer 2000 does not have a plot. Then again, neither does Full House or anything else Bob Saget has ever appeared in.
Replay Value   I think to qualify for Replay Value, your game must take longer for two minutes to solve. 
Challenge   Unless your computer crashes mid-shot, there is no way you can lose a round of Bob Saget Killer 2000.
Fun Factor Bob Saget Killer 2000 does fill part of the void for QB gamers who want another Operation Wolf, Revolution, or Metal Gear Solid. But I think gamers need a little more challenge than being pitted against the most harmless man on earth.
 Rating  To solve: 2 min Final Rating: 4/35

However, Bob Saget Killer 2000 is not a game. First of all, you can't lose the "game". Bob Saget does not fight back, and the only way to win is to blow him up. And the game ends immediately after this happens. Second, Bob Saget Killer 2000 doesn't have any feasible gameplay. I've given 0 stars before for gameplay, but that's usually round down, due to lackluster efforts in that department. I don't even think Bob Saget Killer 2000 was attempting to have any gameplay. Finally, M/K productions remarked in their text file that "first and foremost, this (Bob Saget Killer 2000) is not really a game. All you do is kill Bob."

With this in mind, Bob Saget was banished from our planet. However, we did note that Bob Saget Killer 2000, if not a game, can be an excellent stressbuster for adults.

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