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Updated November 20, 2004

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DE "Secret Project" Revealed
(12/23/2002) Darkness Ethereal unveils the secret project they've been working on before they closed, and it may still be finished.

Will the rest of the tale about Spear be revealed?

Although the days of Darkness Ethereal have come and gone, fans of the coding group have been keeping a close eye on Darkness Ethereal's "secret project", a special project designed by Darkness Ethereal to become one of their last big projects before the group formally retires. This secret project was not finished when Darkness Ethereal retired.

However, due in part to encouragement from Darkness Ethereal's fans, former DE member DarkDread did reveal the name of the secret project, Mysterious Song 2. At the time of Darkness Ethereal's retirement, the Mysterious Song 2 project was already deep into construction.

"I'd say that a good 80% of the code and graphics is already done, and the skeletal story is in my head," says DarkDread. "Should it ever happen... let me tell you, that it would end up being very interesting, and much better than the first one.  Ultimately, the game would revolve around a conflict between Spear, and his true nemesis."

DarkDread also wanted to make very clear that the Mysterious Song sequel may or may not be finished, and that either circumstance should not be interpreted as Darkness Ethereal's return.

"Honestly, I still want this to happen," DarkDread says. "I don't know if it will, as if we go ahead with it, I will only play the role of story writer, and musician on it (though granted, 80% of all the graphics and code, are indeed done)... but it would be nice.  So, if it happens, it happens... there may still be one more game from us.  Don't think of it as a return though, just as a nice way of saying goodbye, and thanks to all of you."

Article written by Vance Velez, Editor

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