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QB Sites in March

(3/20/2000) Pete meets a force stronger than himself, Abyssware Studios joins the Affiliate team, and AlienQB tells us what's been locked up in the Dungeon. All that and more on our Affiliate Report.

Wow! You don't update for two weeks and look what happens to the QB world! A lot of major construction has been happening in the QB world, including some downsizing and some upsizing. Here's the latest stories about some of your favorite QB affiliates.

Abyssware Studios
Abyssware Studios has joined our list of QB affiliates! But what does this site offer that makes it a unique QB site to go to? Well, actually, Abyssware Studios is a healthy hybrid of a lot of stuff already available on the Internet. In particular, Abyssware Studios is just one place shared with the QB discussion forum, where Wrath of Sona creators Lost socK Software love to hang out. Abyssware Studios is also setting up to show the news provided by QB news-site QBSource. But Abyssware also has material all its own, including a QB game called Blur that is ready and downloadable. All in all, a worthy addition to the QB Affiliates list. Besides, it's always nice to see a QB site in its growing stages.

AlienQB's QB Dungeon
This site just keeps getting better and better! Now AlienQB's QB Dungeon comes with an easy-to-navigate sidebar and Top 10 Games and Sites list similar in style to Master Creating! What I do like about AlienQB's site though is his unique take on QB games, tending to focus on QB arcade games instead of the impact of QBRPGs. While constantly under construction, AlienQB's site is always improving for the better. While no new news has been added yet, be sure to check it out just for the new look of it.

Pete's QBasic Site
We never seem to find any real news about Pete's QBasic Site ever since they've kept an eye over James Robert Osborne (of Hack-Man fame) and his new platformer, Cyber Chick. But part of that was because Pete was grounded by his mother during the earlier part of March. While this didn't really slow down Pete's QBasic Site any, let that be a lesson to all you whipper-snappers to respect your elders! Remember, when some of them were your age, your elders didn't have QBasic and had to settle for using calculators and GWBasic. GWBasic.... ack! Just thinking about it gives me the willies.

Lost socK Software
When Lost socK Software joined our Affiliate list earlier this month, we forgot to mention it due to our focus on writing a review for their massive RPG, The Wrath of Sona. Although these people have a lot of QB projects, they're probably most noted for their no-holds barred attitude towards QB newbies and haphazard QB games. These are the kind of people that are not afraid to tell it like they think it is, and are most noted for their "No BS" attitude towards QuickBasic.

Darkness Ethereal
The QBRPG kings Darkness Ethereal have been up to a lot of things since we've last seen them! First of all, yet another new RPG masterpiece is available to the downoading public, Mysterious Song! This new RPG carries the Darkness Ethereal name and appropriately should carry a lot of promise. In addition to this big news, Darkdread has also released a collection of his best QB classics onto the site. Now you'll be able to download classics like Legend of Lith II and Lianne in the Dark Crown straight from his site!

Future Software
The design in Future Software has become even more graphics-intense, with a dark grey sidebar and a metal, scrapyard-style background! We've seen do a lot of dress-up over the years. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit though is that Future Software is finally planning to take down some of the older QB site reviews on their site, particularly the ones that have broken links attached to them. This is appropriate, considering that the face of QB is indeed changing again and there are a lot of new sites coming into the scene by the month.

Speaking of Future Software, we're proud to announce that Future Software made V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine site of the week from March 13 to March 20! A big thanks to Jorden for helping to increase the readership of our mag by bestowing us with this honor. In return, we gave Future Software an exclusive 468*80 banner showing the V Planet! logo and some of the best QB games made so far in the form of a collage. This special collage banner will be available for download here very soon.

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