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Inside The Heart of Imerion

(1/5/2001) Stop the presses! Master Creating gives V Planet exclusive information and a screenshot from their turn-based strategy game, Imerion.

The graphic detail of Imerion easily competes with what Final Fantasy III and Ogre Battle pulled on the SNES.

There are two reasons why the Hamburg, Germany-born QB coding group Master Creating developed a reputation for having some of the best QB graphics ever made. One reason involves the high graphic detail that made up their Zelda III clone Shadow of Power; despite having a sort of unoriginal look to it, the game managed to draw in a near-excellent four out of five rating for graphics in our review. The other reason is more technological-- their other QB game, Diamond Fighter IV, was the first game Master Creating made that truly showed how well they were able to surpass QB's maximum resolution and develop a game that runs fine on SVGA mode. Both of these games were fine on their own, but Master Creating has never made a game that combined their artistic skills with their clever manipulation of QB's boundaries.

But now Master Creating's latest project may dispel the myth that Master Creating can't combine great graphics and great resolution at the same time. Imerion, their latest game under construction, looks to dwarf Shadow of Power's graphical detail and topple over the standards they set with Diamond Fighter IV. 


One neat feature about the gameplay for Imerion is the ability to choose your character race. The strategy game will feature four races to use, including humans, the resourceful elves, the powerful dwarves, and the ever-so-popular orc race. Players will have these character races to choose from and all their at their disposal in a single or multi-player battle game.

"About the game itself... I think you already know it´s going to be a turn-based strategy game like Civilization: Call to Power 2 but with a lot of additional elements and a fantasy scenario," explains Master Creating Webmaster and Programmer Merlin. Other distinctions between this strategy game and others is the return of the overview perspective as opposed to the isometric view used in the modern slew of commerical PC strategy games. Master Creating made this old-school decision by popular demand. "We didn´t use the isometric perspective view (Diablo 2, Call to Power) many modern games use and claim they are 3D games. The reason is you lose important overview. For example it´s not possible to see at the first look how many fields are between your unit and an enemy unit," says Merlin.

Network Play

In a bold effort, Master Creating's working on giving Imerion a multi-player game mode, which will be operated via network. "[By the 3rd of January] we completed the interface between mainmenu and the game itself. This is far more important than it sounds; it took weeks to implement because this means you can run single player and network games, load games and even load network games," states Merlin. Merlin also commented that network games will be easy to start because the game will autodetect your Windows network name, requiring gamers to only know the name of their host to join a network game.

Game Progress

Imerion looks to be Master Creating's most ambitious project yet. In the graphics department, they've finished 19 of 50 military units, 20 of 40 building types, and re-did the landscape art (see the screenshot and drool at it for yourself). All the music for Imerion will be original pieces composed by QB musician Fishstix. Master Creating reports that the melody for the title screen and the Elf race are near-completion, and that three more tunes for the remaining character have to be done. Other than that, some fine-tuning in the graphics and sound department during cut-scenes and battle effects are yet to be completed.

This will be a daunting task but Merlin ensures that Master Creating's Imerion team is more than ready to meet the deadline. "The program itself is completed except for battles, AI, special race abilities and heroes. This is still a lot... I would like to say a release date here but it seems impossible. The trailer (released at Master Creating and at the 2000 QB Expo) showed winter 2000/2001 and I think we´ll be ready just in time, in about 2 months. Until then I´ll go on posting concept art from the cutscenes on the right side of our page,"

Article written by Vance Velez

Read more about Master Creating's Imerion at it's official webpage! Visit

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