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Has Pete's Site Been Pulled? 

(8/11/2000) Lutasarts gives us the skinny on why Pete's QBasic Site has been missing for a few weeks.

Going two weeks "Peteless" can be hazardous to your health.

About two weeks back, the V Planet crew took one last lap around the QB Top 50 and our Affiliate List to check out how the rest of the QB community is doing. Because many of our favorite QB webmasters are taking their summer vacations right now, we didn't expect anything out of the ordinary except fewer site updates here and there. But the strange thing we noticed is that, the link to Pete's QBasic site, showed nothing but two empty frames where the QB site once stood.

Thinking this was just a glitch on our own computers, we returned the next day to the Internet on a different computer. There was no way one of the most popular QB sites on the Internet (with over 45,000 hits since could possibly just disappear or move right under our noses. Or maybe it moved while we working on the Expo? Again, there was nothing but two empty frames in Pete's Site.

It was this point that the search mission became a "search for survivors" mission. Whenever V Planet wasn't working on the QB Expo, we would ask around with available members of the QB community for the whereabouts of Pete's QBasic Site and it's members: Wisdomdude, Indigo Fox, or even the head honcho Pete himself.

Strangely enough, the answer to the mystery came from Phillip Lutas, the webmaster of Lutasarts. According to Lutas, Pete's QBasic Site is currently switching servers, and that the process would take about two weeks. In the meantime, a new feature will be included in Pete's QBasic Site similar to the NMP system used in NeoBasic.

Lutasarts, who we usually considered a coding group (their games have included PebbleDash and Cyberion), has earned our respect now as a group of QB journalists. Thanks for filling us in, guys. By the way, for beating us to this great scoop, you immediately join our Affiliate list, no questions asked. 

You can find out more about Pete's QBasic Site at

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