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The Forces of May: RPG Sites

(5/20/2000) Our May site report expands with some reports on some upcoming RPGs headed your way from VGameSoft and The PHAT Kids.

Expect VGameSoft to release a beta of their RPG Dark Fall before the end of May.

Last week V Planet added two new sites to the Affiliate list, Secret Weapon Software and Clockwerk Productions. Now we've received the word of some new RPG projects that have new betas just waiting to be tried. So, the May Site report has expanded to report about what these two companies are up to. Here's where you'll find more info about these upcoming games:

Not to be confused with V Games (the programming group who works to make the exclusive games for V Planet), VGameSoft has absolutely no affiliation with V Planet. But, VGamesoft, named after ProVGamer, has some pretty exciting RPG projects on the way. VGameSoft has recently reported that their RPG title, Dark Fall will have a beta released before the end of May at their website. The Final Fantasy I style RPG demo will take you through one of Dark Fall's towns, allowing you to have a pretty good idea of what this VGameSoft RPG will be all about. Expect "freely moving NPCs, pixel-by-pixel scrolling, and the ability to walk into houses and such," says VGamesoft member Sane.

While you're visiting VGameSoft, also keep watch for their other RPG, Acalypha.

PHAT Kids Enterprises
No. Contrary to what you believe, V Planet has not forgotten about the PHAT Kids and their amazing and flatulent RPG Kids of Karendow. The PHAT Kids, who have not updated their site since January 2000, have not forgotten about their many KOK fans. In fact, the time they've been spending away from their website has been invested in finishing the QB version of Kids of Karendow once and for all. The new version of Kids of Karendow will come with more mini-games, more sound effects, and even more twisted humor. Other details PHAT Kids have reported through varoius QB discussion boards is word that Kids of Karendow will be their last QB game, and it has been renamed to Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: The Road to Revolution

Secret Weapon Software
Though not famous for their games, Secret Weapon Software has recently picked up popularity with their QB magazine, The QFiles. This monthly online magazine, which rests comfortably in the Secret Weapon Software homepage, contains a fine balance of QB programming tutorials, QB game reviews, and site highlights. But what makes Secret Weapon Software really stand out are their monthly QB Humor articles, which help remind us that playing and making QB games are supposed to be fun!

Of course, if you're sick of QB or you're tired of waiting for Secret Weapon Software to update to their next monthly issue, Secret Weapon Software has a second method for pulling you into their site for a few extra hits. Each issue of QFiles comes with a Babe of the Month section where tasteful pictures of some famous celebrities are plastered about for your relaxation. Babes highlighted have included Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Jennifer Aniston. This month they have many nice pictures of Star Wars starlet Natalie Portman.

Clockwerk Productions
How would you like to watch a major RPG from a new QB company shape up from the ground up? V Planet has high expectations for such an RPG, from second generation programming group Clockwerk Productions. Pretty soon you'll be getting a lot of information in V Planet about Clockwerk's first RPG game for QB, The Morikun Tale. In the meantime, you can visit Clockwerk's homepage to learn more about this Japanimation-style QBRPG like no other before it hits the downloading list.

Darkness Ethereal
Darkness Ethereal's webpage has changed again for the month of May, all in preparation of their latest RPG projects, the revision of the The Dark Crown and more recently reports of Mysterious Song 2! The original Mysterious Song was just released this year by Darkness Ethereal, with praises springing forth from all over the QB community. While it's still going to be a while before the sequel to this talked-about, Dragon Warrior style RPG comes forth, expect a massive Mysterious Song blowout, including a review and a whole lot more, on V Planet's next update.

Sneukeule's QBRPG Page
For a long time now, we here at V Planet have been waiting for this excellent QBRPG archive to expand. Now the Webmaster Sneukeule is apparently planning to move his entire site archive to a new location and a new site name! The new and improved QBRPG site archive will be called FantastiQB, and is currently under construction.

The QB Top 50
Topping off this month's Site Report, The QB Top 50 is steadily growing in usership. This new topsite, at, gives people still updating their QB sites a chance to advertise their QB webpages in a page free of cheating! IP addresses are checked on a daily basis, so it's easy to find out if someone's been voting multiple times or if any other shenanigans have been taking place to influence the rankings of the top QB sites. And if anyone does cheat, the site owners at The QB Top 50 kick the cheaters out, no questions asked. It's gradually becoming a nice hub to go to, and there are still plenty of open spots for people interested in advertising their QB sites.

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