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Top Strategy Games List is Coming!

(9/15/2000) V Planet looks to four QB strategy game developers to help set up a new chapter in carnage.

Scorched Earth fans will have a blast with Joe King's wargame, Torched Earth.

Due to very popular demand, V Planet is finally looking at making a Top Strategy Games list! This will give QB gamers interested in the strategy game genre a chance to enjoy some carnage Strategy style, while giving the many developers who have submitted strategy games to V Planet a chance to shine on our site. The prospect, which should take place within the next few updates, will feature the following games on its launch.

Arrakis (Stefan Hendriks)
Chicken Jockey (Hafiz Kassam)
Confaive (Dominik Kaspar/Kaswoj Software)
Torched Earth (Joe King)

Though four games may seem like a paltry number when compared to the number of games featured in our Top RPG, Top Arcade, Top Puzzle games, and Top Platform games lists, the strategy game genre has recently hit a boost in the QB community among developers. Already showing interest to make QB strategy games are G-Tech Software, who have their own QB strategy game in the works, Arrakian Dawn. Also, there's the gigantic project from Master Creating. Dubbed "Imerion", the Hamburg group of QB programmers known for their high level of graphics ought to make a serious impact on the Top Strategy Games List.

More will be revealed in detail when the Top Strategy Games List is officially launched.

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