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Future QB Event Details Announced

(4/7/2001) V Planet confirms new details regarding the Gaming Gold Awards, the Statto Site Awards and the officially upcoming 2001 QB Expo. 

Despite considerable delay, the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards site is still in the works.

Every year there are a growing number of events on the Internet to help promote QB games and websites, and this year certainly no exception. People in the V Planet staff are currently involved in not one, but three events designed to celebrate with the folks of QuickBasic. One such event, the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards, is already over. But two other events have yet to be put together. The following will explain all three projects (including the Gaming Golds) in more detail:

Statto Site Awards

The Statto Site Awards are currently underway thanks to our QB affiliate StattoNet. The Statto Site Awards is a new, annual event in which people nominate their favorite QB sites and then vote for them from a ballot. With categories ranging from "Best QB Links Page" to "Best News Page", there are bound to be a lot of QB sites that will be honored when the voting for the event is finished. Our only hope is that V Planet makes a good running for the coveted "Best Game Review site", of course! ;)

2001 QB Gaming Golds

While the winners of the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards have already been announced, the official 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards site is yet to be finished. It's important to have this awards site finished before beginning to sponsor other events in order to ensure efficiency and focus while making other QB projects. So right now it's a serious priority to get this Gaming Gold Award site put together so that everyone years from now can relive the match-up and find out how well every nominee did in the Awards.

2001 QB Expo

Met with mediocre reviews but nevertheless celebrated success, V Planet plans to help put together a new online QB Expo site for this summer. The QB Expo is a place on the Internet where people can download and view next-generation games, and was a success last year much in part because QB developers would sign up for the event, and it would be the QB developers who would decide how their project would be promoted. Registration for the 2001 QB Expo will begin soon.

One difference between the 2000 QB Expo and the upcoming 2001 QB Expo will be the fact that V Planet will be taking a less active role in the construction of the event in favor of other QB webmasters. "Last year was the year to set a template of how the QB Expo would work," explains V Planet editor Vance Velez. "We've received a lot of feedback last year after the event and now we know how to make the event even better for gamers and developers to promote their games this year."

"After the Gaming Golds Site is up, we hope to talk with other QB webmasters so that we can work together to make this year's QB Expo the best ever," adds Vance. "NeoBasic has already shown much interest in helping put together the Expo with us. If we can get enough QB webmasters to chip in on the project, our combined knowledge and co-sponsorship will help make this year's QB Expo very beneficial for everyone in the community."

Article by QBShire

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