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V Planet Settles For Silver

(3/15/2001) While V Games did not win any Gaming Golds this year, V Planet was honored with it's sixth site award, the QB Silver Star.

The prestigious Silver Star, as seen in the Piptol Productions website.

While V Games fell short in this year's Gaming Gold Awards, one of the winners of the event did manage to give us a lovely present in honor of V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine. In particular, Piptol Productions gave V Planet it's sixth site award, called the Piptol Productions Silver Star.

The Silver Star is part of a series of "QB Stars" awards started by Piptol Productions in February 2001 to honor outstanding QB sites, programing teams, individuals, and QB games, and is limited only to the greatest of its contributors. For example, the Enhanced Creations programming team became the first recipient of the Gold Star award. Contributions of Enhanced Creations included the Wetspot game series, Project: RT, and the DirectQB graphics library, which has become the backbone graphics library behind many modern QB games.

V Planet was honored with the Silver Star for it's relentless coverage of QB games, it's "complete but stringent" game reviews, and for being sponsors behind the 2000 and 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards, as well as the 2000 QB Expo. We appreciate the award given to V Planet and we hope to live up to it's standard by continuing to support the Gaming Gold Awards and the QB Expo in the future.

Interestingly enough, while we received an award from Piptol Productions, Piptol Productions also received an award from the QB community. Their project Ghini Run won the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Generations award, an award from the viewer's choice event reserved for unfinished QB games that show a lot of promise. From trying the demos, V Planet has made every effort to praise Ghini Run because (at the expense of sounding like we're kissing Piptol Production's ass) it looks like Ghini Run really will be the next big QB game. The preview article about Ghini Run included with this update should indicate that.

However, as nice as Ghini Run is turning out so far, it is part of V Planet to be as stringent as possible in every QB game review. If we weren't so strict, V Planet would not deserve the Silver Star. Therefore, when Piptol Productions finally finishes their racing game and gives it to V Planet for review, we will do what Piptol Productions has done with their racer in writing it's review by giving it everything we've got.

Article written by Vance Velez, Editor

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