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The first 100% QuickBasic game Review magazine

V Planet Breaks Bad Record

(9/30/2000) Not every record is worth breaking. Find out what notorious record V Planet surpassed this time.

Pictured here are QBShire and Vance, taking a nap between updates.

For most QB sites, having occasional two-month or three-month breaks between updates is normal. But for V Planet, whose staff really consists of QB programming and gaming addicts, the fifteen day hiatus we had between this update and the one before is inexcusable.

In hindsight, V Planet blames the same outward glutonny for great gaming that makes QB reviews such a treat as the reason why this particular delay was so long. After working on many updates, we finally had the time set aside to try out all the games from this year's QB Expo. And with that being said, we became addicts. We find ourselves raising chickens with Chicken Jockey and racing across the beach in Ghini Run. But most addictive was our craving for QBRPGs, which to some extent were quenched by Kids of Karendow: Chapter One, Tsugumo's Untitled RPG, and (most surprisingly) Vance's acquisition of a certain commercial PC game, the original Diablo.

We are ashamed for breaking the record for most days without an update in our site's history. But we promise that our annual gaming binge is over. Our only hope is that we don't write a "September snooze" article like this every year and eventually break the record... again.

(Note: Vance is a Level 27 Fighter in Diablo. He still can't stop playing and will not rest until Diablo is defeated and peace returns to the land.)

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