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Updated November 20, 2004

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V Planet Takes Largest Delay Ever
(6/29/2001) With over 50,000 hits, V Planet can officially call itself the most visited active QB game review site on the Internet. But does that mean V Planet's days are numbered?

When QB websites stop updating, even for a few weeks, it becomes a very daunting task trying to convince the QB community that the QB site is still alive, even after succession after rapid succession of updating following the hiatus. So when QBShire and I were offline for almost a month, we rolled back our sleeves, set up the mailing lists, e-mailed programmers and News sites across the Internet, and eagerly awaited for the nightmarish rebound of not updating that was waiting for us.

But perhaps an event like would eventually happen at one moment or another. This month, V Planet passed 47,693 hits. This is the number of hits held by QB Affiliate Pete's QBasic Site before the main members of the site disbanded. Because V Planet has passed this number, this now makes V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine, much to our staff's surprise, the most visited active QB game review site on the Internet.

While this is a humbling and special occasion for V Planet, it's also at a time when V Planet has been at the slowest it has ever been in it's lifetime. V Planet did not update for over a month. When Pete's QBasic Site was the age that V Planet was in now, Pete's QBasic Site evolved from a QB Games/Utilities review site that updated daily to a site that did not update at all. The purpose of this editorial is to ensure our readers that a similar incident won't happen to V Planet.

Many of the problems that lead to the eventual stoppage of Pete's QBasic Site have been issued when V Planet was first launched. Being serious QB fanatics, we intended to stay for the long haul, and that takes preparation. For example, In an effort not to be overwhelmed by the number of game reviews and links in V Planet, we've always kept an active database containing every game we have reviewed and every game that has yet to be reviewed.

In terms of the sacrifices made to keep V Planet running, the responsibilities are split so that no one person working in V Planet suffers more damage to their social lives than they want to. Jeremy Hammond does a great job of providing webspace for V Planet. Bainstooth, our latest addition to the camp, is writing Game Guides to some of the most difficult games V Planet has received so far. QBShire is still one of the most dedicated QB game reviewers in the business, and Diamond Titan has offered to be an interim Editor should an occasion like this happen to V Planet.

But perhaps the most telling factor is that, and I can say this with absolute sincerity, that unlike the Editor of Pete's QBasic Site, I am somebody who has made this QBasic magazine an absolute first priority above anything else. Before my social life comes V Planet. Before my schoolwork comes V Planet. It is this stubborn but determined love for QB games that will help this QB site persevere through what is currently it's toughest of times.

There may be some forces outside V Planet's control, but V Planet will continue to persevere not because of some pursuit of fame or glory. We simply love playing and reviewing QB games. It's a very rewarding hobby because they continue to be fun. And as long as QB games remain abundant and there's need for at least one QB game review site to spread the word, then V Planet will continue to be alive and well.

Vance Velez 

Editor, V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine

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This is an archive of V Planet, circa November 2004, when the site was last active. This is read-only, and preserved here as part of the QB Zines Archive at Pete's QB Site.

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