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QB on Acid Leaks Back

(12/11/2000) The most controversial, no-holds barred online QB magazine is back in the business, with visionary Nekrophidus on command.

Look for a review on PromZone in the latest issue of QB on Acid.

After Lost socK Software closed down their QB site in October, there was a sort of sour feeling left behind in the QB community. There was reasonable speculation that many of Lost socK's projects would never be finished, among them including the gigantic Wrath of Sona. Perhaps many of these speculations are true, but the rumor that Wrath of Sona creator Nekrophidius is done with QB for good may not hold any water anymore.

Enter the QB magazine, QB on Acid. QB programmers and gamers who really research their stuff will know that QB on Acid is Nekrophidius's QB magazine. Started by himself, the purpose of QB on Acid was to inform as many people as possible about the inconsistent and often more unnecessary parts of QB journalism and game-making. During it's five-issue run in 1999, QB on Acid dealt harsh words at the vast number of QBRPGs and QB magazines on the Internet, saying that only a great few were necessary and that imitators should be extinguished. This in-your-face attitude of QB journalism greatly differed from anything else being produced in the QB community at the time, and although a key few were insulted by the publication QB on Acid gained a respectable following, especially from QB programmers and fans of first-generation QB games.

QB on Acid departed on December 1999 with the promise of releasing Issue #6. At that time, Nekrophidius and Lost socK Software devoted time completely to the programming projects. As the months went by, this dedication to their projects showed with the less frequent updating of Lost socK Software's homepage. Eventually the homepage disappeared altogether.

A year passes. As 2001 begins to roll in, Nekrophidius discovered that there are still a lot of potential evils in the QB heiarchy that need to be expunged. Nekrophidius currently credits QB Cult Magazine as the only good QB magazine on the Internet. (Later on, Nekrophidius also commented to us on an e-mail that he does not consider V Planet a QB zine, but a "continual review site" and a great resource that does a fine job. We previously felt dismayed by Nekrophidius's statement regarding how QBCM is the only good QB magazine and both QBCM Editor EvilBeaver and Nekrophidius sent e-mails shortly after this article was first posted and we thanked both of them for the clarification.) And while there are many QB games out there being produced, Nekrophidius is determined to find the upper cusp and lowest trough among these games and expose them in their glory and their shame. So, to the shock of QB gamers, programmers, and fans everywhere, the sixth issue of QB on Acid was finally released, about a year behind schedule.

Fascanated by Issues #1-5 of QB on Acid, I looked over the latest issue of QB on Acid and am happy to report that Nekrophidius has not any punch in his sentences nor does he show any signs of slowing down. He opens up with commenting that QB on Acid is indeed back, and then goes straight to comments about the state of the QB community. Although short, every prominent feature from QB on Acid is there, including my personal favorite, the game review section. Note that the game featured this issue is none other than the latest platformer to grace V Planet's pages, the awesome Promzone from SV Reanimator.

So all you programmers and gamers will have to keep an eye out. QB on Acid is back, and for how long nobody knows. But any kissing-up to officials, any unnecessary bashing, and any over-estimating of your favorite QB games will be noted by QB on Acid. Speaking of kissing up, QB on Acid is officially added to our QB Affiliate list. This has nothing to do with praising QB on Acid. Like their hardball attitude or not, Nekrophidius and any other member of QB on Acid (if applicable) write very well, and any QB publication that gets a regular visit from V Planet receives Affiliation, no questions asked.

Visit Issue #6 of QB on Acid at!

Article written by Vance Velez

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