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ShadowCorps Joins Hulla-Balloo

(12/31/2000) The QB download site currently in charge of the QB Portal and The Alliance joins up with our host at and sets up plans for 2001.

With the year 2000 coming to a close and a whole new year opening up for QB sites, it's hard to predict what new twists the climate will bring for QB developers and programmers. So QB site ShadowCorps is doing the right thing by setting up some useful alliances and weathering the storm.

First off, ShadowCorps moved to QB site hosting service This places QB Portal, ShadowCorps and V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine under the care of webhost Jeremy Hammond. This is important because in a way it solidifies Hulla-Balloo as a major QB hosting service. Also, this means that AlienQB's QB Portal (which was originally AlienQB's Dungeon before he handed the QB Portal to current QB Portal Webmaster Scy and joined V Planet) will now be neighbors with his former brain-child.

Second, ShadowCorps has started a Job Positions list. The QB site is currently searching for an Alpha Programmer, a couple of programmers, and two journalists. But more telling is the request for two more reviewers. With Scy and ViperGTS already reviewing QB games for ShadowCorps, two more reviewers will help speed up the growth process and make ShadowCorps a major player if they play their cards right.

Speaking of which, ShadowCorps itself just started added game reviews as a new feature for their website. With reviews of both Sasha Vukelich's Dynamic: Colonization of Jupiter and TMB Production's Percussor, ShadowCorps is staying true to the arcade game reviewing style inherent of the QB Portal. How reviewers will split between the QB Portal and ShadowCorps remains to be seen.

All in all, things are looking good for this young but determined group of QB programmers. ShadowCorps currently has over 500 hits on their website. If they can combine the talent that they have and create a unique experience or great game out of ShadowCorps, then that counter number will be sure to rise.

Written by QBShire

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