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In and Out of QB in October 

(10/13/2000) Lost socK Software and Lutasarts say Goodbye, we say Hello to Terry Cavanagh and PigeonGB, and V Planet moves from Fortunecity to Hulla-Balloo. All that and more on this month's Site Report.

Master Creating is easily the busiest of our QB affiliates this month, working on both their site and their latest game, Imerion.

October has turned out to be a big site killer for QB sites this month. Two of our QB affiliates, Lost socK Software and Lutasarts, have both called it quits to maintaining their QB News sites within two days of each other, leaving sort of shock across the QB Community. Fortunately, not everyone is following in their example; we've added two new Affiliates this month to our QB affiliate list to pick where our former affiliates left off. In addition, many of our current Affiliates are working on new features that may have been overshadowed by LSS and Lutasart's departure. So without further delay, here's a summary of site activity going on during this Halloween month:

QB Gamer Magazine
First, the good news. We were very surprised when former Dark Legends Software member Terry Cavanagh dropped by our Discussion Board and dropped a note about a new QB game magazine. So, we took a look at their site and we were pleasantly surprised by a monthly QB game magazine with previews, articles, and even a game review of Darkness Ethereal's latest RPG, Mysterious Song. Best of all, the game review section for QB Gamer uses a modified version of the 35-point rating system V Planet uses (instead of Sound/Music QBGamer rates for Music, and instead of Fun Factor QBGamer gives a five-point Overall rating). Each game review is quite full and contains much insight.

Just in case you're curious about the rating, QB Gamer Magazine gave Mysterious Song 28 out of 35 possible points. V Planet gave the same game 24 out of 35.

GBGames QBasic
We're proud to announce that after many months of toppling the competition in Future Software's Top 15 QB Site list, we've finally added GBGames QBasic to our list of QB affiliates. The relatively new QB game review site (which launched in mid-2000) was one of the big supporters of the 2000 QB Expo. In addition, webmaster Gianfranco's site also has full reviews for quite a few QB games and QB classics alike. While there are only a handful of reviews right now, the webmaster is very dedicated. Watch this site in the upcoming months.

Master Creating
After acquiring the domain, long-time QB affiliate Master Creating has wasted no time expanding on their website. One of the most notable additions are two new sections in the website. The first section, Spotlight, will feature a weekly article on the latest and most promising QB projects and websites. The second section, Web Tour, places direct links to highlights of many key QB sites. The Web Tour allows for easy access to all the busiest QB discussion boards. There's even a part of the Web Tour thta allows you to access V Planet's game review lists!

In addition to their website, Master Creating has also been working on their game line-up. Among the moves included, Master Creating and QB adult-game creators Bulma Produktions have joined forces. Releases since Master Creating and Bulma Produktion's merger include the adult game Sexy Talez, as well as the release of the prequel to the now-popular "first adult QB game", Suds Skin. The freshly translated game, Johnny Abbot's Sex Adventures, claims to be the "most anticipated game of all time".

V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine
Holy cow! We've finally made it our own QB site report? Have we run out of things to write? No, not really... actually, the big news is that we've moved out of Fortunecity and into We've already updated the Fortunecity site to redirect to our new and cozy home, so if you have a QB site that links to our old URL please change it to either or

Lost socK Software
And now, the bad news. The first QB affiliate to say farewell to QBasic was Lost socK Software, who left this message on their site. The makers of the 2000 QB Gaming Gold Award winner Wrath of Sona lost their vision after hard drive complications forced Lost socK to lose many of their QB projects. After many a valliant effort, this final goodbye was posted on their site:

LSS is No More. The entity once known as Lost socK software has closed its doors forever. It seems that certain people in this damned scene can't keep their promises to friends who had helped them out in times of need. How the high and mighty forget those who made them what they are. Oh well. We're closed. Go away.

LutasArts Productions
Shortly after Lost socK left, Lutasarts posted a "Goodbye" message of their own, telling their readers that they need the time taken away from updating such a huge QB site for learning multiple programming languages and expanding their horizons. Fortunately, Phillip Lutas made very clear in the letter that although he believes QB has it's limits, that he will not stop programming in QB altogether. Instead, Phillip will look into other programming languages to help expand on his knowledge, never letting QB out of his mind entirely. We wish Phillip and the rest of the Lutasarts guys the best also.

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