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The Case of Obidwaa vs. The Fry Guys

(2/1/2001) The folks from the PHAT Kids present a strong case that their crab/spider creations are in no way related to the popular McDonalds Fry Guys.

Click on the image for a close-up of PHAT Kid's evidence, submitted by artist Brad Pyle (aka "Smelly").

In our pusuit to be as accurate as possible, one policy we encourage developers to use in V Planet is the ability to dissect the game reviews we've written, perhaps for any errors in judgment we have made or for reporting incorrect technological information about the game. Many developers have already benefitted from this policy, gaining one or as many as seven points based solely on debating the finer points of their games to us.

But sometimes debates regarding video game reviews transcend mere point totals. Sometimes QB developers will present their case to us simply because they disagree with a specific statement printed in a QB game review. It comes to no surprise then, that the PHAT Kids would present one such case to us regarding our review of Kids of Karendow: Chapter 1 Dawn of a Revolution.

The statement the PHAT Kids wished to prove false was this remark made during the Story section of the review:

"There are even some concepts in the game that don't feel too original (those Obidwaa looked a little too much like McDonalds fry guys to me)..."

I had already told the PHAT Kids that the comparison between the Obidwaa and the McDonalds Fry Guys was only a small piece of the pie as to why Kids of Karendow got three story points instead of four or five, and that even if there was sufficient proof that the statement is false, it would not have effect on Kids of Karendow's story score. Nevertheless, determined to put the insult of originality to the test, PHAT Kid members Big Nose and Phil asked for help from their team artist Smelly. Smelly then submitted the sketch shown above to V Planet as evidence that the Obidwaa are crab/spider creatures that bear no resemblance to McDonald's famous Fry Guys.

After much analysis, I agreed with the PHAT Kids. The comment regarding the Obidwaa in the Kids of Karendow has been omitted, and peace has returned to the V Planet! Boards. However, further analysis reveals that we have found some other possible species that may have derived from the Obidwaa or Fry Guys:

Could the slugs in Raven: The Yoyo Commando be Obidwaa switched at birth?

Hey... is that a twibble in your hand or are you just happy to see me?

I don't care that Apogee made you and not some QB developer, you're coming with me!

Needless to say we have each of these strange Obidwaa/Fry-guy wannabes in custody for questioning, hoping to discover once and for all if there is in fact a link between the Obidwaa and the Fry Guys. (We do not expect to find any such link, so do not expect any update to this article.) In the meantime, watch out QB gamemakers! We're always on the hunt for unoriginal ideas, and if we find an idea in question, we'll be more than happy to meet you at the Discussion Boards.

Article written by Vance Velez, Editor

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