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A Renaissance in April

(4/11/2000) rises from the dead, along with Pete, Lianne, and a cult of journalists. Come join the rebirth.

The rebirth of these QB personalities will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

This month's Site Report is all about new beginnings, as a lot of old faces come back after taking a vacation for one reason or another. Other sites are looking into new site designs, while some QB sites are bringing back some popular game titles. We have some of the highlights here.

Dark Elf Productions
Dark Elf Productions is back! After many financial complications, Chuck was able to retain the domain. However, because of circumstances will have be to reconstructed from the ground up. Currently comes with a message board and a short news page. Instead of copying every feature from the original design, Chuck is asking people to submit suggestions for his site design to his e-mail. Please check out the new look and tell Chuck what you think.

Dark Elf Productions is also home of the QB: TM archives and Razor Diskmag! subdomains. These two QB mags were part of the inspiration that made the writers at V Planet! want to join in the field of QB magazine design. Hopefully, Chuck will get these two publications back up and soon!

Darkness Ethereal
Darkness Ethereal refuses to stop making great QBRPGs, and we're not going to stop them. The company's latest offering, Mysterious Song, is Darkness Ethereal's first major attempt at a Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior style RPG. The game is currently being reviewed by V Planet!, and it looks like this game's going to join the aleady long list of high marks received by Darkness Ethereal's games.

There is big news though in terms of Darkness Ethereal, especially if you're a big Lianne in the Dark Crown fan. According to the Darkness Ethereal website, a new version of Lianne In the Dark Crown will be their next project. The new version of the game will feature the showdown between Lianne and Baron Cain once and for all. 

Pete's QBasic Site
Ever since Pete's computer broke last March, Pete has been showing up periodically to watch over his site. But it is James Robert Osborne who has been updating Pete's QBasic Site on Pete's behalf since April. This comes as a strange surprise, because due to these circumstances it is James who has written the 100th review for Pete's QBasic Site!

While Pete's QBasic Site reviews demos, games, and programming tools, the 100th review took place when James Robert Osborne reviewed Super Stack, the Star-stacking puzzle game by Oren Bartal. This puzzle game has celebrated so much success that James gave it a score of 100%, making Super Stack another perfect-rated game in Pete's QBasic site list. This joins Super Stack with games like Wetspot 2 and James Osborne's very own game Hack-man 3, which was reviewed by Pete himself.

Super Stack was also reviewed by V Planet! last month with the release of our new Top Puzzle Games list. In the review Super Stack earned a 26 out of 35 rating, which was enough to seal Super Stack in the #2 spot of the Top Puzzle Games list.

Marcade has just re-designed the NeoBasic site! The new "Neo Marcade" look of the site boasts a light, pale blue look with an entirely new, psychodelic logo. But the site is currently undergoing more than just mere physical changes, as a massive re-coding and reconstructing process is currently underway. The Neo Board however, which is second only to Future Software in terms of overall activity, is still very active.

Neozones Productions
Just in case you missed it on last week's Affiliate Watch, Neozones Productions has moved again. This time Neozones Productions has their own server. This is great news for Webmaster Tek, who has experienced more than his share of delays when his host went down. This means that the acclaimed gaming contest The Qlympics can finally get back into speed.

QB Cult Magazine
Matthew R. Knight's downloadable QB magazine is getting some major support! QB Affiliate Master Creating is the latest QB site to host this QB mag, which updates monthly with a handful of news and game reviews. Master Creating is also helping to design the magazine's layout. The April issue of the mag is currently out and is also available at AlienQB's QB Dungeon.

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