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Jeremy Hammond Joins Our Crew

(10/14/2000) Everyone give a big "Hello, World" to Jeremy Hammond, programmer of the QB nuclear shooter Shell Shock and the newest member of the V Planet team!

Since he helped us out by hosting the 2000 QB Expo, we've had a chance to really get to know webmaster Jeremy Hammond and his QB programming skills. So when we told him about the new job opportunities opening up at V Planet, Jeremy offered to help as being part of the Web designing team. Within the day we wholefully accepted the offer and enlisted Jeremy Hammond as our new Web Designer/Technician.

Since Jeremy's joined the group, one big change has already taken place in V Planet! that you might have noticed. Thanks to some advising and some tutorials from Jeremy, our other web designer Vance Velez was able to implement a new SSI sidebar to V Planet! QuickBasic magazine. This installment, which enables V Planet to update the website without having to alter the sidebar on every single HTML page, will make it possible for V Planet to update faster than every before. The hope is that V Planet can return to it's initial 2-9 days per update, if not better! Without Jeremy's advice on SSI, such a feat wouldn't be possible.

Jeremy's also had a long history of helping out with the QB community. Of course, Jeremy's the webmaster of, a site-hosting service and programming site. In addition to this responsibility, Jeremy has also written articles for QBasic/QuickBasic News, and played a key role in hosting the 2000 QB Expo. Most recently, he allowed V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine to move to Hulla-Balloo so we can use the new SSI features required to make the new and improved sidebar possible.

We're very happy to have Jeremy as part of the V Planet! team. As Web Technician he's already made updating V Planet a world of a lot easier. And now, instead of concentrating on hours of the updating process, we can concentrate even more on reviewing QB games... we might even have time for an extra round of Kids of Karendow everyday. And that's something to be truly thankful for.

QB forever!


Editior, V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine

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