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The REAL QB Expo Launch Dates

(8/8/2000) August 5 marked the date when the Expo was open to developers and sponsors. Now time will tell what it will take to get the rest of the event done.

Just how much work is left before the QB Expo will finally be released to the public? This is a question that is beginning to sicken the QB community, especially since the projected July 31st had long since been pushed forward from August 5th to what looks like an undecided date.

However, what is important is that regardless of the date, there will be a 2000 QB Expo. This is confirmed when the event itself was launched exclusively to developers and sponsors on August 5th. Starting August 8th, after V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine is updated, corrections coming from the various sponsors and developers will be made, and suggestions made by developers who have seen the Expo will be considered.

"The corrections and games received for the QB Expo continues to increase with each passing day, making the final launch date undecided. At least a day's worth of Internet work needs to be done," says one tired QBShire.

Expect more article updates to occur as the QB Expo Launch date to the public becomes more clear.

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