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Final List: QB Expo Developers

(6/10/2000) Registration is over! Now find out the grand total of QB developers that are participating in this year's QB Expo.

The QB Expo is supposed to be the E3 for QBasic games, so it's no secret that the QB Expo will not be a success if it isn't significantly backed by a list of killer projects that people from throughout the QB community are planning to show. This means there has to be a mixture of new games that have already popularized themselves and a list of new games that plan to make their mark in the future. By the looks of the developers that have signed up, it looks like the projects that will be shown at the QB Expo will not disappoint.

We were indeed very surprised to find out that many of the people in our current list of confirmed QB Expo developers have in fact signed up after this list was first issued in May 31. It's great to see that so many people are interested in being a part of this event, and now it's the developers and the QB Expo sponsor's turn to help make the QB Expo a reality!

The following developers have signed up at least one project for the QB Expo:

Abstract Productions
Abyssware Studios
Clockwerk Productions
Daniel Kupfer
Dark Legends Software
Darkness Ethereal
Jeremy Hammond
Joel Oakley and Will Shirley
Master Creating
Mike Hoopmann
Oren Bartal
PHAT Kids Enterprises
Piptol Productions
Pickers Games
Random Projects
Sasha Vukelich
V Games

Note that some of the people developing games for the QB Expo are approaching the event with such confidentiality that they refuse to be featured in this list. This means that there are more developers than the ones already listed above that are going to be part of the Expo!

As the list stands right now, there are a total of at least twenty-five developers currently signed up for the QB Expo, and at least thirty projects will be shown at the day of the event!  With each other coding group that has signed up, the QB Expo has become a bigger and better event. Now, with so many people signed up for the event, the notion that no single QB webmaster can handle organizing an event of this magnitude has become clear. This is why the QB Expo has acquired the help of so many sponsors. These sponsors and their role behind the scenes of the QB Expo will be the center of attention as soon as these QB programmers get their projects pages ready and good to go.

Again, thanks to everyone who signed up! It's going to take all of us doing our part to get this Herculean but amazing task ready to go. For those who are not directly participating but wish to see the Expo when it is finished, for now you can sit back and enjoy the show.

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