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The Revenge of Pete's Cousin

(4/1/2000) We never find any real news about our QB Affiliate Pete's QBasic Site. The following is proof that we still haven't found any.

Out of all the qualities that make this QB affiliate stand out, Pete's QBasic Site is probably most noted for it's "update daily" policy, a special policy with which Pete reports everything that has changed about Pete's QBasic Site everyday. Unfortunately, Pete's computer broke, and ever since the March 17 update Pete's QBasic Site has not updated, leaving many members of the QB community desperately searching for Pete's reports. 

Financially, there is nothing V Planet! can do to help Pete get a new computer (We're broke). But we did manage to talk to Pete's second cousin's aunt's brother's son Pat. Though Pat is really a lumberjack in the Himalayas, we were able to find Pat and offer him some tea and crumpets. While we were enjoying our meal in the Himalayas, we informed him about Pete's current situation.

Pat admitted that his job in the Himalayas is not very well-paying, so he could not give us the money we needed to purchase Pete a new computer. However, though Pat has never seen QuickBasic in his life, Pat did tell us that the blood of the QB reviewer flows deep within him. Very few people we knew have this special blood... names like our very own QBShire, Pete, and AlienQB have all proven themselves to be dedicated QB reviewers. Could Pat possibly have the QB reviewing power that we were hoping for?

Short of resources, Pat was only able to whip up a 286 and an incredibly old edition of Frontpage Express. We watched in awe as Pat created his own QBasic Site in honor of his distant relative. 

Click here to go to Pat's QBasic Site.

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