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Adult Policies To Be Unsanctioned

(2/8/2000) In a move that's sure to affect QB gamers of all ages, V Planet makes a change in it's policy in further support of adult QB games.

Johnny's Sex Adventures, one of the um... more provocative "adult" titles made in QB.

When V Planet was first launched at Fortunecity, a conflict between Fortunecity's and V Planet's site policies prevented V Planet from achieving one of it's goals; to have adult games available for adult QB gamers should they choose to download it. The conflict occured when Clarita Lopez of Bulma Produktions submitted the first QB adult game on the Internet, tentatively titled Suds Skin. While V Planet was able to print a review of the Suds Skin game, Fortunecity's hosting rules concerning adult content prevented us from making Suds Skin downloadable.

Since then, V Planet! Quickbasic Magazine expanded, and there came a point when Fortunecity did not have the services needed to maintain the larger site format. So V Planet looked for places to go that would help facilitate as many of its needs as possible. One big priority was the concern about adult games, especially since we wanted Clarita's game to be dowloadable from the V Planet site. After weighing out the possibilities, V Planet settled on

The popularity of adult QB games reached a new peak when Sandra from Suds Skin was nominated for the QB Gaming Gold Awards.

Now, with a second adult game from Clarita Lopez submitted to V Planet, the time has come for V Planet to change its policy to further help all QB programmers with publicizing and informing gamers about their games. When you try to download Suds Skin, there will no longer be some page commenting on some adult policy that V Planet had to put together for Fortunecity's sake (this is due to the more freedom-inspired policies of Hulla-Balloo). However, don't expect any pictures of nude women floating in our website anytime soon. Just because V Planet has more freedom does not mean that the reviewers here are not going to be responsible in their screenshot choices! While it's great to give easier access to adult QB games for adult gamers, V Planet still has a considerable reader base of young and teenage programmers. Also, there are probably readers who would be offended if such pornographic material is printed directly on the website. Because of these reasons, you adults will have to download the games yourselves to see all the good stuff.

While V Planet! Quickbasic Magazine now allows adult games to be downloaded from V Planet, both Suds Skin and Johnny's Sex Adventures will not be downoadable directly from the V Planet site. This has nothing to do with the adult-game policies, but instead rests on another policy V Planet has concerning file sizes. Because of the vast number of QB games V Planet wishes to review, files bigger than 1 MB are not placed into the V Planet database if an external link could be found. The graphics-intensive Johnny's Sex Adventures exceeds the limit at 5.7 MB, while the Suds Skin demo is just slightly over the 1 MB mark. To compensate, clicking on the Download button for these games will lead straight to the Bulma adult games section of the Master Creating website, where both titles can easily be downloaded.

As for the very nature of adult games itself, it's really up to the developers who make the games. If there's one thing QuickBasic does have a reputation for, it's having a multitude of game genres that can peacefully co-exist with each other. Having adult games like the ones produced by Bulma Produktions/Master Creating is just one more type of game to add to the library, and even if you're not a fan of such, having such games available will help QB's popularity to grow.

Article written by QBShire

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