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The first 100% QuickBasic game Review magazine

V Planet Wins Statto Gold Code Award

(1/5/2001) The new year opens up on a good note as Statto Software gives V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine it's fifth Site Award.

During the year 2000, a group of underground journalists who used to run a sports newsletter decided that it was time to move their development towards the growing number of online communities. After searching through possible subjects for their new online endeavor, QuickBasic became the subject of the journalist's interests. And so, the underground newspaper Statto Sports Magazine became StattoNet. A QB magazine is born.

In search of demand, StattoNet decided to focus on being a QB magazine for beginning programmers, featuring a number of tutorials that introduce the concepts of QBasic, put together in a "Learn QBasic" section. As StattoNet started to flourish, more sections were added. Links were posted. Downloads were added. StattoNet started to develop a personality.

While StattoNet searched for links to add and files to include, they decided that site reviews would be the perfect addition to their QB magazine, giving them the opportunity to express their experiences through the many websites they've visited. The group put together a fifty-point rating system and went out, reviewing popular QB websites and putting them to the test.

Many major QB sites were rated. NeoBasic, QBasic Paradise, Future Software, and QuickBasic News were among the websites dissected by StattoNet for review. In the end of the year 2000, it was QuickBasic News who won among the twenty websites, hailed by StattoNet as the "2000 QB Site of the Year".

It was at this point, upon visiting QuickBasic News, that we at V Planet discovered the existence of StattoNet. We mentioned both QuickBasic News and StattoNet during the December site report. Meanwhile, StattoNet was secretly reviewing V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine itself. We were e-mailed with the surprise score and an annoucement by StattoNet. V Planet is the winner of the first Statto Gold Code Award.

To be the winner of the Statto Gold Code Award, a QB site must earn at least 48 out of 50 points in the Statto Grading Rubric; V Planet received a 48-point rating and therefore qualified for the award. Since StattoNet is one of the newer groups in the QB Community, it's an honor to be recognized by this new generation of QB journalists.

StattoNet is currently building an award picture that will be posted on the V Planet! Award page as soon as it is received. In the meantime, you can check out StattoNet magazine and discover what they're all about. Their website is at

Article written by QBShire

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