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Simply QBasic and Merge

(2/12/2000) We interrupt our regularly scheduled Affiliate Watch to talk to you about one of the biggest mergers in QB History.

Getting past Simply QB isn't so simple anymore.

Enhanced Creations closing down. Acid Labs bites the dust. With a lot of major players leaving the QB scene, it was beginning to look like all QB company news was going to be about QB sites downsizing or disappearing because of inactivity. But not so.

In a radical business merger of sorts, QB download site Simply QBasic has joined forces with Neozones ( to form the largest QB download site on the Internet. This new partnership, called NeoBasic, combines Simply QB's 720+ QB files with Neozone's own collection of QB games, tools, and tutorials. The result? A massive 800+ download site, making NeoBasic one of the biggest (if not the biggest) QB download site on the Internet.

But a merger of this magnitude does not come without a price. Angered by the negative attitudes reflected by QB experts against newer QB developers, Ahmed of Simply QBasic stepped down from his position as webmaster of the newly formed NeoBasic, sending a message out to QB pessimists and experts. "QB was going to die. You just made it faster," Ahmed states.

The present owners of NeoBasic will be Rancid and Marcade, who are known for their efforts in Simply QB and Both of these people have made their own contributions to QB and QB sites, and are certainly worthy webmasters for Simply QB.

As for this merger making NeoBasic a possible monopoly for QB sites, it's unlikely that NeoBasic becomes the AOL Time Warner of QB sites without a significant battle from QB download sites still existing today. Neozones Productions, not to be confused by, is still one of the most reliable sites for QB technical information. And Future Software, a.k.a, comes a very close second place in terms of total QB downloads. Future Software also carries of the powerful Future.Library. Then there's QTopia, QBSource, VirtuaSoft... the list goes on and on.

One thing's for sure, though. With Simply QB and Neozones together, trying to be the top QB download site is certainly a whole new ball game.

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