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Updated November 20, 2004

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No Refuge For Game Developers
(6/23/2002) Tsugumo and FrozenEmu make the decision to take down the Game Developer's Refuge before it becomes an unsafe place for developers.

Tsugumo and FrozenEmu proved their programming skills when they released the QBRPG demo Untitled.

May the 24th, 2002. The day the Game Developers Refuge finally closed down.

What was once a home for independent game developers as varied as Qbasic programmers to Game Boy Advance developers decided that it was no longer needed, and the moderators, Tsugumo and FrozenEmu, have opted for a mercy killing.

Originally, Tsugumo and FrozenEmu started the forum because they were sick of the state of Game Development communities on the Internet. Most programming forums on the net are overrun with off-topic posts and flames. The people who just wanted to make games and talk about games had nowhere to go. Excuse me for being overdramatic, but what game developers really needed was a refuge. This is exactly what FrozenEmu and Tsugumo gave them.

FrozenEmu and Tsugumo were top-notch moderators, extinguishing flames as they were started, and making the tough decisions of deleting insane off-topic posts and banning trouble makers. But most importantly, they worked tirelessly at the forum. Every topic, even if it contained nothing more than a screenshot, got honest and constructive criticism. Once they found they no longer had the time to put the amount of work into the forum they used to, they decided that it was better to have no forum at all than to have a second rate-one. In FrozenEmu's own words:

"I honestly didn't want to do this.. it pains me to shut down the board, having been involved in it for so long, having personally created it, built scripts for it, seen it grow from infancy to what it is now. But, I suppose this is for the best. What I really want is for things to be the way they were at the start, and I suppose that can't happen, at this point. So, it's something of a mercy killing.. letting it die before it rots away and dies itself."

Like Tsu has said, the board was created with a purpose in mind. I'd like to think we accomplished that purpose for some people. Perhaps the problem now is that the new people who are finding themselves in the same situation we found ourselves in those four years ago have other places to go that accomplish the same end. But, whatever the reason, GDR has run it's course. Thanks to everybody who made this place what it was. It obviously wouldn't have been much of a board with just Tsu and I posting. heh."

Article written by Terry Cavanagh, Game Reviewer 

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