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GBGames Makes Its Mark in QB

(2/1/2001) With over thirty QB games reviewed, the QB review site Pigeon's GBGames QBasic proves that it's one QB game review site that's here to stay.

Smiley, GBGame's bandana-wearing mascot, is the first to greet you whenever you go to GBGames.

One of the most common questions fermented in the V Planet board and our e-mails (besides "Why haven't you reviewed my game yet?") is the question "When is V Planet going to update?" We'd blame people for this kind of mail, but the truth is everyone working at V Planet is a lot like you in a way. While you're waiting for all of your favorite QB sites to update, we too are waiting for our QB Affiliates to post some new information. In addition, we're always on the lookout via the V Planet Links Page, searching for new, fun stuff to read.

But out of all the different types of QB sites, our favorite kind are the QB sites that cover QB games. Pete's QBasic Site has always been a house favorite for V Planet because it goes one step further, being one of the few other remaining QB game sites on the Net. But ever since last October, Pete's site has been going under a tremendous re-construction project, just recently taken over by one of Pete's fellow webmasters, Indigo Fox.

There have been some other favorites here and there, but none of them seem to have the lastability of Pete's QBasic Site. Lutasarts Productions started it's own QB Review section just before disappearing. Other sites that started building up QB game reviews included the QB Portal and Neozones Productions. Those two sites also slowed down over time; Neozones Productions even closed entirely when the site was deleted and allegations of sabotage were made.

This drought of QB game review sites left V Planet in the dumps, and ever since October, we were constantly seeking for a new QB game review site to fill our schedule (at least until Pete's QB Site fully recovers). It was about that time that we were very fortunate to find GBGames QBasic.

For those of you who have never been there yet, GBGames QBasic is a QB game review site, like V Planet. But that's probably where the similarities end. First of all, the way GBGame webmaster Gianfranco reviews QB games is different. Instead of using V Planet's rating system of 1 to 35 stars, games rated in GBGames range from 0 to 100%, just like Pete's QBasic Site. But what makes GBGames QBasic special is the fact that they concentrate on reviewing the newest QB games out there, instead of re-hashing reviews that had already been done by other QB game review sites preceding them. As for the writing style itself, Gianfranco doesn't have the praising voice of Pete or the hardball, straight-to-the-point reviewing you'd get from a magazine like QB on Acid. But through the scores given you will get a clue as to whether Gianfranco liked the game he reviewed or not.

Second, statistics suggest that GBGames QBasic is one QB game review site that's here to stay. Since it's launch in mid-2000, GBGames has risen slowly but surely to over thirty game reviews. The review site also averages a little over 400 hits per month, with a total of over 2500 hits since the counter was reset back in August 5, 2000.

But perhaps the biggest indicator of GBGame's lastability as a QBasic site is the determination of the Webmaster himself. This is most illustrated in the January 27th update. No new game reviews were added at that time, but Gianfranco wrote out that he had updated his review of Pong II: Corporate Empires, talked about the latest QB news, listed his current pending review list, and assured everyone who submitted QB games that he will review them. This personal approach, all too familiar to people who visited Pete's QBasic Site back in the days where it updated daily, is a sign that this person is willing to burn the midnight oil to make sure that every QB game is covered. And although we'll occasionally have our difference regarding game verdicts GBGames has given and vice versa, it's great to know that the QB community can still be guaranteed at least two opinions on every QB game they try.

Article written by Vance Velez, Editor

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