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The first 100% QuickBasic game Review magazine

Will the Real Raven Please Stand Up?

(5/3/2000) V Planet and Clockwerk Productions investigate one of the most overused hero names in QB games.

Relax, Slim. This isn't your identity crisis.

The raven (corvus corvax) is a bird that has appeared in many myths since old Norse times. The Danish called it Ravn, the Dutch call it Raaf, and even the English used to call this bird "hroefn". Because of myths, it's illegal to kill a raven in England.

This creature is a complicated little guy, yet Edgar Allan Poe seemed to portray ravens with such a clarity that they are still popular to this day. So why is it that a creature this complicated could be refered to so often? There are at least three guys that call themselves "Raven" in just about every school in America. Perhaps it's because of the words dark connotation. It seems to make someone seem dark, mysterious, and untouchable.

To show just how popular the name Raven is, even QB games are getting into the act! The name Raven can refer to the RPG character from Clockwerk Production's upcoming game The Morikun Tale. Raven is also the name of a platform protaganist in V Game's platform Raven: the Yoyo commando. And a third hero of the same name seemingly became the star in another RPG titled Distant Promises, Darkness Ethereal's flagship RPG.

So who among these QB heroes can really call themselves the real Raven? Well, let's consider each of them and what they've done for QB's sake.
Exhibit A: Raven, the artist of the Morikun Tale
Little is known about this young artist, except that he is the foundation of Clockwerk Production's first QBRPG. He's got bird-like features... and heck, he was drawn by an artist who calls himself Ravengoth! Maybe this new RPG hero has all the credentials he needs to be the Raven among the flock.

Exhibit B: Raven, the Hero of Distant Promises
He's been known to slay enemies ten times larger than himself, and he's also skilled with magic spells and the like. You'd think that would make him the perfect candidate for being the real Raven. But really now... just look at the size of that horrible bug creature! It would take at least fifty well-trained ravens to peck that bug to death. 

Exhibit C: Raven, the Yoyo Commando
The lone platform hero of V Games doesn't really have any Raven-like qualities, but his platform game has so many holes that it almost feels like you have the ability to fly to pass over all this game's obstacles! This Raven in particular does have a lot of cunning, and he has more often than not ruined the plans of the wicked General Dorfulglagg and his army of slugs. And walk up to any biologist and he or she will tell you that slugs and ravens have been mortal enemies for generations.

So who claims the throne as the real Raven of QB games? Nobody really knows. Some developers are considering changing their main character's names. For instance, Clockwerk Productions are changing their RAVEN to Kurai (meaning "dark" in Japanese). Darkness Ethereal has so many RPGs that one hero with a common name isn't such a big deal. As for V Games, we believe the yoyo commando is comfortable being with such great company. 

As for all you developers out there... don't make the same mistake. When naming your next hero you can use any other name in the world. John, Mike, now them's fighting names. LEAVE THE BIRD ALONE!!! We have enough ravens already. 

- Ravengoth427 & Vance Velez

Special thanks to Ravengoth427 for writing the first half of this article and designing the great Eminem picture! Visit Clockwerk Productions, home of the RPG The Morikun Tale, at

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