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The Gold Winners Reign In March

(3/27/2001) Master Creating returns to QB news, while Darkness Ethereal changes it's site look to black. Find out what's been happening with all the Gaming Gold Awards winners in this month's Site Report.

In an effort to make the game a lot easier to install and play, Distant Promises is being moved to Windows.

So what happens after you win a QB Gaming Gold Award? Well, usually you go off and create your next big project, whether it be another QB game, a videogame of another programming language, or go on to other inspired endeavors. Many of this year's QB Gaming Gold Award Winners have taken such a role, which is best shown by visiting their sites:

Darkness Ethereal
After winning six Gaming Gold Awards, the folks at Darkness Ethereal have revamped their entire site to a dark brown/black color scheme with the features of the site concentrated at center. The programming team has recently put Distant Promises Demo 2 for download due to the fact it had too many installation problems. These installations problems were attributed to the fact that QuickBasic and the features in the demo were memory-intensive and not easily compatible with most systems, so the coding group is currently porting Distant Promises to Windows.

As for QuickBasic, Darkness Ethereal homepage shows support for the DOS-related language. The homepage reads, "Our current platforms are Windows (95/98/ME) and DOS, with Linux a future possibility." With all the QB Darkness Ethereal RPGs readily downloadable there, it's great to see that the humbled winners of the Golds still support their roots.

Master Creating
Master Creating just revived it's QB news page. Among the news included is Master Creating's acquisition of BlitzBasic, a new compiler which promises many new features as well as DirectX support. The compiler is currently being used by Master Creating for many of it's current commercial projects, including Krakout Unlimited as well as the anticipated strategy game Imerion.

Abstract Productions
After winning the 2001 Gaming Hunk Award for their RPG character Rydar, Abstract Productions is hard at work completing the second title in their QBRPG trilogy, The ARC Network. The Abstract Productions website is also being revamped, and the process is near completion. There are plenty of screenshots and a soundtrack available for your viewing and listening pleasure at their website; be sure to check it out.

Piptol Productions
Piptol Productions was one of the first QB sites to proudly display it's QB Gaming Gold Award. They've updated the site with more information about their award-winning game Ghini Run. Also, two winners have been to their QB Stars edition, including a Golden Star for the major QB download and discussion site Future Software as well as a Silver Star for the DS4QB sound program.

QBasic Central-Home of Sonic XTreme
Sonic XTreme fans will be happy to know that a new version of Sonic XTreme is currently in the works for a May release. The improved version of the Sonic: The Hedgehog style game for QB will support up to 4500 objects on the screen at once, as well as several bug fixes and speed increases. It has also been reported by QBasic Central that Sonic XTreme will use the Future Library to handle the use of ground triangles in the game.

PHAT Games
The ever-flatulent programming group formerly known as PHAT Kids is working on four separate videogames, including Ice Maker, Formula Phat, BBQ Kings, and the sequel to the award-winning QBRPG Kids of Karendow. PHAT Games has long since moved from QB to a mixture of QB and C++, using C for their larger, more ambitious offerings.

Article written by Vance Velez, Editor

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