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Taken Out of the Dark 

(5/8/2000) We said we'd tell you when and where AlienQB's new site was going to be launched. Here's the lowdown. 

AlienQB hopes that a legend has been born.

Last week, we at V Planet told you about how one of our affiliates, AlienQB's QB Dungeon, had closed down due to faulty servers and unreliable site hosting. We also told you that AlienQB had not left QB, and is in fact using the extra time he has to build a new and better QB site, Dark Legends.

Now more details have unfolded about the future of the QB Dungeon and of Dark Legends software. First off, it looks like the QB Dungeon is combining with QBRPG makers Master Creating! This simly means that the QB Dungeon is being moved to a subdomain located under Master Creating's page. This helps increase Master Creating's empire over the QB magazines, with their ties not only to the QB Dungeon but also to the constructions of Matthew R. Knight's QB Cult Magazine.

Perhaps a more surprising development is that AlienQB will no longer have time to maintain the QB Dungeon with his new commitment to Dark Legends Software. As a result, AlienQB says he is currently looking for "...the best webmaster out who wants it [the QB Dungeon]". If you're interested in taking over the QB Dungeon, you can e-mail a request along with your QB credentials to AlienQB by clicking here.

Although AlienQB has left the QB Dungeon, he has not given up being a Webmaster. During this week, the Dark Legends Software site at was launched. This new site, which boasts all the features of The QB Dungeon in a more graphic-intense format, is said by AlienQB to be even more impressive than the QB Dungeon. Dark Legends currently has plans to regain the support the QB Dungeon earned in the past.

"The Dark Legends site is already very far, indeed light years better than the dungeon, and soon can compete with, for example, NeoBASIC and Future Software," AlienQB explains. "It is also a "threat" to V Planet!'s good place on the Top 10.. heheh...don't underestimate the power of Dark Legends."

While there are similarities, expect the Dark Legends Site to stray pretty far from the QB Dungeon formula. There will be a few things that stay constant, particularly the extensive coverage of Dark Legend's first game Infernal Forces (an RTS). But, while the QB Dungeon was a hybrid of reviews and Top QB Site lists, AlienQB is planning the Dark Legends site to be a future center of discussion. 

"The whole look is bluish, inspired by Neozones Productions and NeoBasic. We have a whole new idea of the boards. What it is? You'll have to wait and see," AlienQB says.

The arrival of Dark Legends couldn't come at a better time. With the departure of Enhanced Creations and the slowing down of Pete's QBasic Site, there is indeed a positive outlook for a QB site whose purposes include a programmer's board and an opportunity to watch a QB RTS project develop from beginning to end.

As for AlienQB's quest to take on NeoBasic, Future Software, and ourselves, V Planet looks forward to the challenge because of the benefits competition can make for QB developers. "Competition can be healthy right now for the QB community, especially with so many major sites leaving for the new generation," says V Planet editor QBShire. "With more competition between sites, there will be more competition between QB developers, and that means in the long run everyone will be developing better QB games."

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