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Huh huh, It's Site-Hunting Season

(8/16/2000) Three Four new websites join our motley crew of QB Affiliates (including QB: Cult Magazine), while we toss a few links overboard.

A truly godly site is the one above.

It's hard to believe that there are some bases in the microcosm that is the QB community that haven't been filled. Whatever happened to the websites that keep track of QB's lush history, or websites that seamlessly integrate QB with other programming languages? And has the river of QB magazines finally drained out to a select few? 

With these questions rolling in our minds, we've gathered our muskets and decided to search the Internet again for worthy QB sites for our QB Affiliate List. The battle was long and hard, trying to weed out the great QB news websites from the good and the average. We've found four new members to our QB Affliate lineup that really impressed us. We present you with the results.

QBasic/Quickbasic News
Sure, the name of this new affiliate may lead you to believe that you're going to be lead to a generic, run-of-the-mill QB news site. But this one is good. Really good. Believe us, if you're a die-hard QB programmer and you've seen Heaven, then you must have noticed QBasic/Quickbasic News running on a cloud.

The premise is simple enough. Upon entry to this QB news site, you're greeted by a very professional look and design. QBasic/Quickbasic News offers some features, but the layout of the site focuses primarily on it's News section. The middle column reads like the frontpage of a city newspaper, giving you not the full details but a quick report of all the day's highlights among members of the QB community. Best of all, the site is easy to maintain, making tidbits of information update everyday.

Other features in QBasic/Quickbasic News include news pages sorted by category, a message board, and a site reviews section. This reviews section is particularly special because QBasic/QuickBasic News has taken over the site reviews previously handled by Future Software. This means that QBasic/Quickbasic News will be in charge of giving the famed "Creme de la Creme award" to sites worthy of that rank.

QB: Cult Magazine
After months of switching about from places like Master Creating and AlienQB's QB Dungeon, the QB: Cult Magazine has finally settled into it's own website thanks to Neozones Productions and their service, Hoping to release it's fifth issue this month, the QB: Cult Magazine has been a comprehensive programmer's magazine much in the style of The QB Times.

Originally, LutasArts was mainly a promotional QB site for their in-house games, PebbleDash and Cyberion. But as their web skills increased, LutasArts has expanded to accomodate both inside reports on what's happening from the QB community and the Visual Basic community.

But most interesting to us is their new QB Review section, where members of LutasArts comment on QB games from a programmer's point of view. Though not very detailed yet (each game review is a few paragraphs or so), LutasArts already has 21 game reviews! This puts LutasArts in the company of the vast number of QB sites who have added QB game reviews to their lineup.

Darkside Productions
Formerly Area 256, webmaster Specie contacted V Planet with the vision of a QB site that celebrates QB history. This new website would collect hard-to-find QB Interviews and downloads from the Internet, including a unique look on QB classics past that may have unfortunately been forgotten. Ever becoming a connoseiur of QB games ourselves, we were intrigued by Specie's idea for a website. While Specie's dream hasn't been quite realized yet, the Darkside Productions site is very well under construction, and this museum to QB history should come alive within the coming months.

The Hulla-Balloo Network
In tribute to the partnership QBShire and Jeremy Hammond recently made to help launch the 2000 QB Expo to site developers, both V Planet and have linked together. The Hulla-Balloo Network is an e-mail service that also offers many of the services offered by company services like Hotmail and Yahoo, all without a slow, gigantic community size and an emphasis on help to programmers.

QBasic Top 100
From the folks at Quickbasic News, the QBasic Top 100 is yet another run-of-the-mill top QB site list, with votes coming from the fans. With only a few sites signed up so far, now's the time to add your QB site to the list if you aren't already there!

Programming Top 500
Dropping the Programming Top 500 from our Links List wasn't really their fault. Because the Programming Top 500 has been moving around the Internet so much, V Planet has lost track of their current URL. Until we find out where the Programming Top 500 currently is and the account information that we need to make the link work properly, the link to the site has been temporarily taken down.
On a sidenote,, formerly home of Dark Elf Productions, has been removed from our list of QB affiliates. This change occured because Webmaster Charles Dubery is currently selling the domain to the highest bidder. The Dark Elf page itself as long since been stripped, and is currently nothing more but white walls. Thanks for some great QB news coverage, Chuck. Your presence will surely be missed.

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