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Updated November 20, 2004

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Dark Ages II Nears Completion
(8/23/2001) If you've forgotten that Mike Hoopmann is still constructing the sequel to one of the most popular QBRPGs of all time, these screenshots and more will remind you.

One of the most popular parts of Dark Ages was the use of dungeons.

Mike Hoopmann has taken a very silent approach in working on Dark Ages II: Engel, the sequel to the popular QB game series. There was one point during development of Dark Ages II where Mike commented to rowdy fans that Dark Ages II will simply be done at some given time. There was no set date; he just promised vehemently that the game would be finished.

The attention to detail is superior to the original at so many levels.

Months passed in this manner, with Dark Knight Software (the coding group for the Dark Ages series) making announcements concerning progress on Dark Ages II. With over 450 maps to design, it looked like Dark Ages II would forever be an unfinished RPG. But recently Dark Knight did make the announcement that Dark Ages II is in the scripting and cutscene process. All maps for the game have been completed, and it looks like Dark Ages II is at pace to be finished by the end of the Summer.

V Planet has been silent too, testing out the demos for Dark Ages II as it progressed. The following are some of the details that have surfaced about the Dark Ages sequel:

The story of Engel takes place in a planet of the same name, made up of matter that was once setient forms of energy and life. Beings formed from this land mass that could tap into Engel's energy and in the process nearly freed Engel in a quest for paradise.

Five thousand years after the destruction of the planet tomb, magic returned to a land. A gifted student named Greyor learned to harness this newfound power and became corrupt by Engel, and as a result Greyor split the planet into two continents in search of immortality. Monsters started to take control of Greyor's continent, that is, until a young hero would defeat Greyor and send the evil wizard into the Rift with Engel.

Many years after that Greyor escaped from his entrapment during an event called The Great Catastrophe. His wicked hold immediately took place on the land, beginning with the disappearance of the Floating City and the spread of disease and famine. As feudal countries disintegrated, a battle between the Rein and the Mages took place. It is time of intense magic where three initiates to the Thieve's guild will become the next generation of heroes or antagonists in a world waiting to be broken apart...

Walking through the towns.

According to the website, Dark Ages II: Engel is a non-linear RPG, in which key decisions made during the gaming process will change the course of the game. Dark Knight Software even comments that "The world will change according to those choices... by allowing the player to start the game over after they've won and play a whole series of new quests and still win the game."

As of Demo #11, much of the game is mouse-driven, with navigating through menus and directing the character by the mouse a must. This is a departure from the original Dark Ages game, in which much of the in-game action was handled by keyboard.

While emphasis in battle is apparent, role-playing element swill be key as well. As thieves you can choose to play as cutthroats, or as a more ethical group who chooses to give your findings and give them to the needy.

According to the Dark Knight Software site, the last of the plot related dungeons in the game has been completed. An intense scripting procedure is in progress, and the cutscenes are in the process of being finished. For those who have been following the Dark Ages series since the original, this is very good news.

Full-size screenshots and the Demo #11 download of Dark Ages II: Engel is available at

Article written by QBShire

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