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Updated November 20, 2004

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(1/17/2003) What will the new year bring to the QB scene? The V Planet staff shares some inspiration.

It's a new year in the QB community, and with technology involving the language continuing to improve and more QB coding groups entering the scene, the sky's the limit when it comes to what new QB games 2003 will bring. But with the QB community literally brimming to the peak in all genres, does it mean it's time to stop coming up with new and exciting things? Heck no! Always looking for new experiences to add to QB's lush library, the V Planet Staff decided to join forces and share what game genres we'd like to see sprouting to life in the future:

Rico: I want some more people coming into the scene. QB is important as a legacy, an idea and an opportunity, and the more newbies coming, the better. I'd also like to see arcade-style games with the polish that we only see now in games like Ghini Run, Wetspot 2 and Shadow of Power. Games are improving, we now have internet support, faster libraries... the possibilities for QB are opening up. Let's take advantage of them.
Toonski: I'd like more smaller, arcade style games. Games that are simple, old-school, but fun to play. Points have always been a better goal than beating a game and it takes more to inspire someone to play it through. Pac-man turns 21 this year and he is still the most played video game of all time. That kind of simplistic but strategic gameplay makes a kind of experience that's always fun, despite any technical lacking.

Diamond Titan: I'm in.... for Sports!
Vance: Personally I'd like to see some QB coding groups try to make some really traditional RPGs that work of Final Fantasy the same way as Darkness Ethereal, which retired on the end of last year. No big 2 or 3 year projects, but projects done in teams with a very talented artist, composer, and programmer (or an army of one) that can be done by the end of the year.

QBShire: Jill was a good start last year, but I think with the momentum from Jill, there could be a lot of really good platformers in the future, based on games like Super Mario World, Shinobi, or Jazz Jackrabbit. Pretty graphics and more power-ups please! =)

Vance: The other thing that I see QB possibly missing this year is some game with tasteless (but in my opinion wonderful) T&A, a la Dead or Alive XTreme Beach Volleyball. My gosh, the characters in that game are so pretty. And it'll help establish a foundation for the next Gaming Gold's Gaming Babes list.
Antz: I'd like to see a game that actually made me scared. Not many games have made me jump, but I definitely think it's possible. For instance you could have a RPG where your just running in the forest when all of the sudden, the screen flashes and you see a zombie face, filling the screen backed up with a loud screaming sound. That would be good.

And I agree with the QB babe thing, QB babes forever! :)

Article by V Planet Staff

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