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The Dungeon Falls to Darkness 

(5/3/2000) AlienQB reveals his plans about the loss of The QB Dungeon and why his presence in QB will still be very much alive. 

Last February, AlienQB's QB Dungeon was born. At first, this site looked like just another new QB site in what was otherwise an enormous cabbage patch. But V Planet saw that AlienQB's site had some real potential to grow, so when AlienQB invited us to affiliate with him, we agreed whole-heartedly.

Ever since then, AlienQB's QB Dungeon gradually expanded from its QB arcade game roots to an incredible resource. AlienQB's QB Dungeon combined his site with links to the major QB discussion boards, a Master Creating-style Top Ten sites list, a sprinkle of QB game reviews, and the promise of an incredible in-house game: Infernal Forces.

AlienQB's persistence and determination rewarded the QB Dungeon with many honors. The QB Dungeon earned a spot in the Top Quality Links Page at Future Software, which is no easy task indeed. He also earned the respect of Master Creating and V Planet as one of the major webmasters in QB today.

But just two days ago, AlienQB's QB Dungeon was shut down for good. The reason? Faulty servers and unreliable hosting.

While the QB Dungeon is no more, AlienQB is actually using this transition to his advantage. During the transition from QB Dungeon's third and final update to it's departure, AlienQB has joined forces with William Moores (Hello), Terry Cavanagh (Traveller), and Matthew R. Knight (aka Phoenix) to form a new coding group called Dark Legends. This larger group of coders show greater promise than even AlienQB's QB Dungeon. In particular, Matthew R. Knight is best noted as the writer of The QB Cult Magazine.

Best of all, this new team of programmers are currently working on launching an official Dark Legends site. This new site will probably have the site features that the QB Dungeon had, but now it will be combined with the journalistic abilities of Matthew R. Knight and the constant showcasing of what was originally the QB Dungeon's flagship title, Infernal Forces.

We will be sure to present when in fact the Dark Legends site is launched.

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