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For Ye Who Seeks Refuge

(11/6/2000) The highlight of is the awesome Game Developer's Refuge, but there's more to this QB affiliate than meets the eye. Here's the ten-cent tour.

They've been "kicking ass and taking names" since 1999. How couldn't you love these guys?

Since the Game Developer's Refuge was first mentioned as an idea from Tsugumo in the QBRPG archive Sneukeule's QBRPG Site, a growing number of programmers from multiple languages (including QB) have been using the Game Developer's Refuge as a friendly get-together forum for programmers of beginning to advanced skill levels. Just about anything from the Nerd Pop Culture is talked about in the Discussion Boards, whether it's the latest information on Playstation 2 or Nintendo Gamecube or whether people just want to talk about some programming routines from here or there. Oftentimes, QB is the center of conversation.

Anyway, the Halloween stretch was a very active time for QB sites. QB Affiliates did everything from jumping overboard, going under massive reconstruction projects, to having massive numbers of updates. In reference to this, the Game Developer's Refuge. was certainly no exception. In a bold move of sorts, Tsugumo and FrozenEmu packed their bags and gave the GDR a new URL,

But moving to meant more than just changing the site address. is one of the growing Asian culture Internet communities in the Internet. The is practically like a virtual Chinatown, teeming with all sorts of interesting sites to see. We couldn't possibly cover every site featured in individually, but to give you an idea about what we're talking about, here are some of the other sites featured in
Art of Lewis By Volt505

People who are fans of Tsugumo not only because of his QB projects but because of his art should check out this anime artist. Here Volt505 shows off a handful of original Anime artwork, including a comic book in the works.

Underwater By EJay

UnderWater is mainly a humor site, featuring stuff like fun ways to manipulate AIM, and EJay's personal pick for President during the 2000 Election Campaign, none other than the awesome Bahamut (I think they're referring to the dragon in Final Fantasy, but you can never be sure...)

CAT-5 By NemO

CAT-5 is like a giant fortune cookie, except the emphasis is on the "Wisdom of a Fool". Click around for some interesting Zen.

Ryokurin By Ryokurin

This is a pure Asian culture site in the middle of, with information on everything from Asian movies, culture, anime, to even food and drink. People who want to know more about Japan without having to dissect Japanese characters should look here.

FenixBlade By Sirroco Has Skills

FenixBlade is an Allegro programmer, currently working on v1.3 of an interesting looking RPG. Of course, we didn't bother checking it out because we have a huge bias in favor of QB games, not Allegro games. But for you well-rounded gamers, here's a screenshot of the game straight from the FenixBlade site.

Neh By Tsugumo and FrozenEmu

Fans of Tsugumo and FrozenEmu's QB Expo RPG demo Untitled will be happy to know that will give you just that. Almost daily you'll see what Tsugumo and FrozenEmu are up to thanks to their rants. You won't hear much QB related stuff, but you get a more personal side of Tsugumo and FrozenEmu that you won't get from the Game Developer's Refuge. I read the rants and after a while Tsugumo and FrozenEmu started reminding me of video game cartoon legends like Nintendo Power's Howard and Nester or (more recently) EGM's Hsu and Chan Tanaka.

Of course, there are other sites to see in, but it wouldn't be fair to list them all here. Why not visit right now? It's the next best thing to having Tsugumo next door.

Article by QBShire

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