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QB:CM Drops Reviews in Favor of Gamers

(1/2/2001) The Editor of QB: Cult Magazine EvilBeaver tells everyone in this month's editorial that QB:CM will concentrate on being more of a programming magazine.

By concentrating less on game reviews, QB:CM is one step closer to locking it's place as the best QB programmer's magazine.

In a sort of strategic manuvuer, the latest issue of QB: Cult Magazine opens up with a message from QB Cult Magazine editor Chris Charabaruk (better known as EvilBeaver). The monthly Editor's note mentions the introduction of some new programming columns and an overview of the BASIC tutorials that are featured for the month. But besides this, there is also a statement on the future of QB: Cult Magazine's game reviews section.

"You'll notice that this issue has no game reviews in it, nor even a section for reviews. That's because I'm focusing QB Cult Magazine on programming only. There will be reviews of programs to aid programming, and libraries, every once and a while, but game reviews are no longer a part of QBCM. If you want QB game reviews, check out V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine, which focuses solely on games," writes EvilBeaver.

For QB gamers, this can be a good and bad thing. The bad news is that QB: Cult Magazine was one of the few QB game reviewing sites to feature reviews of demo games. This means that input regarding games in development will decrease slightly, considering that previews of games are also done at QB affiliates like Pickers Games, Abyssware Studios, and V Planet. But none of the remaining three game preview sites often give a verdict on QB game betas.

But perhaps the good news is better. As much of a treasure as it was for QB: Cult Magazine to be the only active QB site that does full reviews on complete demos, QB: Cult Magazine also has the notorious title of being the only active monthly QB programmer's magazine. With the number of staff members increasing (EvilBeaver recently recruited QBProgger to do a section on QB:CM called "Power coding"), QB: Cult Magazine is becoming more and more important to QB programmers everywhere. This benefits the QB gamers because QB programmers who subscribe to QB: Cult Magazine will learn more skills and therefore create better games in less time. And no one can ask more from a QB publication than that.

The current issue of QB: Cult Magazine features articles on Basic Techniques, Physics Engines, as well as an interesting article called "Confessions of the R33t" in which Matthew R. Knight talks to Piptol Productions programmer Piptol and Darkness Ethereal's Darkdread to figure how being a first-year QB programmer was like for these two veterans. There might be less emphasis on gaming articles now, but if you want to know more about what's happening in the QB community than QB: Cult Magazine is still a great place to go.

Article by Vance Velez, Editor

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