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Updated November 20, 2004

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One Day Left for the Minigame Compo!
(8/10/2002) The moment is almost here to turn in contest entries for the 2002 Gaming Gold Mini-Game Competition! Here's a little checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

Don't get caught in a tight situation without being prepared.

Here it is folks, it's crunch time. With only one day left before the 2002 Gaming Gold Mini-Game Competition is over. For those who are nearly done programming their entries for the contest, this is the time to polish up your work. For those who haven't even started yet and wait until the pressure is on before pumping some adrenaline and doing some serious coding, well, this is your absolute last chance to do it.

With less than 24 hours left, here are some words from each of the following judges about their category to help you get the best score out of your mini-game, much of which is information from the V Planet forums. If you need to do some last-second polishing and you need a little guidance, this is it:

From Vance Velez, the judge for Solo Sports Game:

Out of all the categories, the solo sports game category is probably the most liberal, pretty much saying 'Make a 1-player sports game, have fun!' :) Because of this, I'm going to grade like I usually would a V Planet review, giving most of my attention to the entertainment value of your game and paying less attention to the technical aspects of your game.

Great game physics are a plus, but they aren't necessary if it takes away from the feel of the game you want to convey. I'm also looking to get that authentic feeling that I'm participating in a sports competition; if you can pull that off, you're well on you're way to a good score.

From Terry Cavanagh, the judge for the Platformer/Puzzler:

Don't be too concerned with picking up technical marks here... just do what you normally would. These rules are designed to put everyone one a somewhat level playing field. It's not designed to punish people who can't program ASM, merely so that someone who uses a lot of complex libs can be given unfair advantages over somebody who chooses to code in pure QB.

The template for this section was really the Dizzy games (which most people are familar with), and I'd prefer that, but if you want to take a different interperatation, go ahead :) 

From Toonski, the judge for the Top Down Scroller:

This is really confusing some people, as well as me.  so here are some concrete rules:

I will accept both Ped Xing style (free) movement and mercs style scrolling. HOWEVER, should you choose to make a mercs style game, there MUST be a choice in the path you take, such as a fork, and it must have some kind of consequence, i.e. one path is harder than the other, but you can get more points. If there isn't, it will be considered a 1942 style shooter and WILL be disqualified.

Should you choose ped-xing/mg style movement, it MUST be using rooms, or areas, and that area can be no larger than 400x400 pixels. I suggest screen by screen, because it's easier to program.

I will grade graphics by a combination of technical ability and artistry. By technical ability I do not mean code efficiency (i will not look at source), but rather it's effect. I weigh artistry a tad higher than technical prowess, about 60-40. I will look at control, physics, and fun factor, not limited to those and not in that order.

Sound will be a plus. Sound isn't too high a priority right because of its non-essentiality but it can break a tie, and exceptional sound/music will improve your odds of winning.

There.  it's carved in (virtual) stone.  I'm sorry for the confusion everyone.

We'd like to thank everyone who's taking part in this year's contest. V Planet will be resuming regular updating tomorrow, with info regarding which contest entries we've received, some new game reviews, and info regarding nominations for the 2002 Gaming Gold Awards. See you there!

Article written by V Planet Staff

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