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Reviews Reconstructed

(4/17/2000) V Planet will finish a long reconstruction process that puts our earliest game reviews up to date.

Last January, V Planet announced that the Top RPG list featured "Bigger and Better reviews". This side-project, which consisted of expanding on our first twenty RPG reviews, was part of a massive effort to make all of our RPG reviews more informative and complete for the pleasure of the QB community.

Now V Planet has taken the next step, by rewriting the remaining ten RPGs in our list, while starting to expand to make sure that all the Top Arcade and Platform games meet the standard. The changes to the Top RPG list are finished; the Top Arcade game reviews will be re-written by the end of the month. (Note that the Top Puzzle games list is already compliant with the longer review format, since all reviews in the Puzzle game list are pretty new).

Although the reviews will be expanded, a few things haven't changed. The scores for the reviews will be unaltered; rather, a more thorough explanation about each game and why it received the score it did has been implemented.

Second, many of our newer game reviews already adhere to the newer and larger size we set during January. In short, any game reviewed after Y2K was not re-written.

This reconstruction project especiallly comes as a joy for the V Planet staff. "Now that all of the reviews will meet the standard, we can now move on to writing new reviews more quickly and efficiently," said V Planet editor QBShire.

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