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QBShire Looks to the Future

(11/3/99) V Planet apologizes for delaying Pumpkin Eater and finally links to major QB site Future Software.

Welcome back QuickBasic gamers! First thing's first. We here at V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine promised that Pumpkin Eater would be out by Halloween, and the people at V Games already had the game done in Halloween morning, but I insisted that the game should be played through to make sure it meets the standard. That, and the V Planet is in the middle of a major update. No excuses though, I'm taking full responsibility for this insolence and promise we'll be on top of things from now on.

Now, the good stuff. By mid-November, we're finally going to put up Mario Up! and Wetspot 2 as our first reviewed Action/Platform style games (though Wetspot 2 may be bumped to a puzzle title when we start reviewing those.) It will be interesting to see how these titles tally up against the growing line of QBRPGs.

Also on a future update, we're going to get our hands on Secret of Cooey 2, Darkness Ethereal's latest installment to that franchise. I must say, it's certainly living up to the hype... I wonder if it can maintain itself in the Top 5 when the final version comes out.

Speaking of which, the latest update to Darkness Ethereal's Distant Promises Demo inspired us to make a new section called "Installation Tips". We'll tell you what you need to do with each download, step by step... so you don't need to figure out how to install these QBRPGs like you were in some RPG from hell!

Finally, if you look at our graphic link list, you'll see that Future Software is finally listed! This is because we needed to make sure this magazine already has a good fan base before we link to the major QB sites. With over 600 hits (thank you so much to readers) since our launch in September, we feel that now is the right time to proceed to Future.

Okay, that's it for now. I'm going to try out this interesting shooter called Bob Saget Killer 2000. Since Bob Saget is in the game, it must be wholesome... Peace Out!


Editior, V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine

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