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The first 100% QuickBasic game Review magazine

QB Game Reviews: The Standard?

(8/14/2000) As new QB sites battle to get noticed, is the trend beginning to shift from the programming to the games?

Hello once again, QB gamers! QBShire here, at the helm of V Planet. Today, we're going to talk about an part of QB sites that has become more popular during the last few months: The Reviews section.

In the beginning of Quickbasic's presence on the Internet, many webmasters looked down on having game reviews in their websites for a few key reasons. First of all, at that time the contingent parts of a QB site were really limited to the QB programmers. Second, there weren't that many QB games to be played. Third (and perhaps the most important reason) nobody really had the pioneering spirit to break tradition and make a dedicated review section for QB games.

Even QB magazines steered clear of making QB game reviews the most important part of their discussion. QB Voice and QB: The Magazine, two of the more popular e-zines among the QB community at that time, concentrated on giving programming tips and routines moreso than game reviews. This proved to be a successful formula, and for a time was the template for which QB magazines were molded.

It wasn't until Pete's QBasic Site decided to slant from this traditional formula and decided that there was a demand needed for a QB site that talked more about the QB projects themselves than the programming behind it. So Pete's QBasic Site became the first successful endeavor at a reviews site. The world had never seen anything like it; instead of an unforcefully biased advertisement from a QB developer, a reviewer talks honestly about their game only after it had been played thoroughly.

I myself walked into the QB scene during a time when Pete's QBasic Site was offline. Believing that the need for a QB Review site was necessary, I worked long and hard to find the best QBRPGs on the Internet and release what became V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine. But in difference to Pete's philosophy, I wanted V Planet to steer entirely from giving programming tips, since there were already hundreds of sites for the QB programmers. No, I wanted a site for people like me, the QB gamer. Thus, V Planet became "the first 100% QuickBasic game Review magazine".

Apparently the demand for such a site does exist; I'm happy to say that this month, V Planet has passed the 10,000th hit mark. A mark like this would be impossible without the gamble that people like Pete and I made a long time ago, that we believed that QB gamers were out there and were waiting for a site just for them. But more importantly, such a mark wouldn't be successful without the help of continued readership. We at V Planet are always thankful to our readers for their incredible support, and we will continue to do our best. 

Apparently many other QB sites are noticing the change in this site-building formula. Just a year ago, it was difficult to find a QB game review that consists of more than one sentence. Now, lengthier and more respectable QB game reviews are sprouting in QB sites like fireflies. I'm talking about sites like Dark Legends Software, Pickers Games Website, and now most recently LutasArts. These sites are part of the new generation of QB sites that are out there which emphasize QB games and the developers who made them moreso than the programming tools with which the games were made. If enough major QB sites do make this shift and take QB game reviews very seriously, then QB game reviews may become a standard for the theoretical "QB site template".

But with so many QB sites shifting their emphasis from programming to the QB games themselves, it's going to be a matter of supply and demand. It's a big responsibility being a QB game reviewer and we respect anyone who is willing to take the extra time to add or make a QB game review section to the palette of their website. But from a skeptic's point of view, is there enough room in this galaxy for a million V Planets? As long as there are a million QB games yet to be discovered and reviewed, and a QB community that continues to grow, then there will be. 

Peace Out!


Editior, V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine 

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