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Wrath of Sona Journals

(3/19/2000) The last chapter in Jareth's journals takes us to the town of Shufu, where our hero looks back at what has happened and looks forward to what the future will bring.

It sure seems extra lonely without

One of the biggest surprises to us finally occured. We reached the end of the Wrath of Sona demo! Now we can poke fun and praise the game like every other QB Game Reviewer with the added confidence of knowing we played the whole game through. And let me assure you, the game does get better as you wear on.

And so, with reaching the end of this fine game, the Wrath of Sona Journals must now come to an end. Here are all three entries in order, including an entirely new journal that closes the tale of the WoS demo.

Warning:  While we tried really hard not to give up any hints about how to solve some of Wrath of Sona in this article, these journals do give away parts of Wrath of Sona's plot. This journal is written as if it took place in the mind of Jareth. If you don't want some parts of the story spoiled before you play it, don't read it. Otherwise, well, you've been warned.

Entry One:

Wrath Of Sona Journals, Day One

It has been a long voyage...

I have just arrived on the town of Andover from the boat. I am currently searching for Sona, the wicked sorceress who has killed my master. The people in Andover are a fascanating type and their culture appears to be more developed than where I used to live, based on the beauty of their houses. I take a stop at the Inn and stay for the night.

In the morning, I meet an informative man who explains to me some local jargon used by the people here. He seems very insistent to help me... gedoukuzai, koryo, ippuku... I tried listening to him a couple of times but ultimately I dismissed it for rubbish.

Before I depart to Sutareta, I will purchase some weapons and armor. I was particularly frightened by the two men running the stores. They speak as if they are kind but their appearance reveals an evil side. I fear for my own safety... perhaps I should just purchase my bracers and my Scourge and depart this strange town. But I already know that my journey will not be easy. I can hear the rumblings of an Orbus just south of town. Ah, some fresh skin to test my new Scourge with. Hopefully my determination, my strength, and the spirit I learned from my master will guide me to Sona and her minions.

So for now, I'm off to begin my journey. To Sutareta, to Sona, to Revenge!"

Entry Two:

Wrath of Sona Journals, Day Five

"It has taken me four days practice to defeat the creatures that lurk between Andover and Sutareta. In that time I have improved my swordsmanship. I hope that my preparation will be enough.

"I have reached Sutareta! It is a nearly deserted place, except for the mayor. I also noticed a magic shop, much to my liking. However, my knowledge of this strange land is still limited and I am not sure what elements I need to defeat Sona or her minions. I did, however, enlist the aid of a man named Tuscan. He is dressed in blue armor, and appears to be much older than I. But he has in age I compensate in wisdom. Tuscan would make a loyal mercenary.

"Before I proceed further in my quest, I decided to return to Andover and stock up on Koryo and Gedokuzai, as I never know when I will need these for battle. I also ventured deeper into the town, having a hunch that something evil could be lurking below..."

Entry Three:

"I am writing this journal from the Town of Shufu, eastward from Iesha through the long and confusing Chimera Pass. Many things have happened since I have last written in my journal. I was very busy gaining battle experience, in anticipation that my battle with Sona would in fact be the most difficult.

"My prediction did not come short-handed. Tuscan and I were able to meet the immortal sorceress herself and fought in a battle that clearly took every power me and my fellow mercenary had. But in the end, Sona revealed that she had only used a fraction of her power, and the next time she meets she will hold no secrets back.

"The promise I have sworn in my master's school is certainly more difficult than I have ever realized, but I must not yield. It is raining now and I've decided to stay at the local inn for the night and continue my journey through the only path readily available to me. At this point I have ventured so far, and there is certainly no turning back. For now, I have a feeling that this is where my journey may end. But at sunrise, when the time is right and the assassins are again searching for my head, I will head outward from Shufu into the deeper, more challenging parts of Moltar. Only then will Sona fall and my quest be complete!"

Learn more about Wrath of Sona and visit Lost socK Software at!

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