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While we here at V Planet and all our QB affiliates from around the Internet try very hard to keep you up to date on the latest information regarding QB development and QB games, sometimes things happen in a blink of an eye (especially when something instant and revolutionary happens and V Planet just finished an update). We're aware that some people just want their information about QB games served as quickly as possible.

To help facilitate this need, our Web technician Jeremy Hammond set up a new Mailing List for V Planet! If you sign up for this new Mailing List, you'll get some extra appetizer's worth of QB game information. You'll get more sneak peeks at QB game projects than you can shake a stick at. And best of all, you'll be notified if a V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine update is underway. In other words, the Mailing List is the appetizer and the online magazine is the meat.

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