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V Planet Gets a New Mailbox at Inbox.Net

(4/30/2001) Our old Fortunecity mailbox has gone to that big recycling bin in the sky. Find out our new e-mail address and how this whole fiasco is a blessing in disguise.

The path to finding a bigger and better mailbox can be long and confusing if nobody helps to point the way

Recently, V Planet received a letter from Fortunecity informing it's members that Fortunecity will no longer be offering e-mail services to it's customers. We figure that this probably resulted from having Fortunecity's many clients abuse it's 6.0MB mailbox to death. Given a deadline of May 4th, it became the V Planet staff's job to quickly pick up game submissions and other correspondence from so that they can transferred and answer to in a new mailbox.

Continuing our loyalty with Fortunecity, we first checked out Fortunecity's recommendation for a new e-mail service to see if it can fit V Planet's requirements. We found such an e-mail service from Inbox.Net, a Fortunecity affiliate that provides domain registration and an e-mail service. Particularly attractive about this deal is the 20MB worth of mailbox, easily far and beyond what can be asked of Fortunecity's 6MB mailbox capacity. V Planet immediately signed up for the offer, and our new mailbox is now at Many of the links in V Planet's general pages should by now be adjusted to reflect this change.

Strangely enough, the change of e-mail address comes as much-needed wake-up call for the V Planet staff. The old V Planet mailbox still contained many games that have yet to reviewed along with many e-mails that have yet to be answered and followed through. It has become the job of Editor and resident workaholic Vance Velez to dissect the e-mails received by V Planet in the past and

"Keeping in touch with QB webmasters, programmers, and our readers is very important to us. Losing our old e-mail account gave me the opportuntiy to check out all the e-mails that have been sent to V Planet in the past, and we'll try very actively to answer all unanswered e-mails within the next few days." says Vance. "In the meantime, we also encouragepeople who have sent us e-mail in the past to resend e-mail to us via our new e-mail account, because we were successful in finding all the game submissions, but not successful in recovering every other type of e-mail sent to".

Article written by QBShire

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