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Master Creating Goes Commercial

(3/3/2001) The programming team from Germany is picked up by an American game publisher, with all their projects being re-shuffled for QB and Windows. Details here. 

Imerion, the QB game that looks commercial, will now be sold commercially.

It's the dream of every QB programming team, to be reimbursed for all the hard work that they've given to their QB game masterpieces or to somehow graduate into the world of commercial development. For German-housed programming team Master Creating, the group has managed to have a chance to accomplish both.

On the last week of February, Master Creating made a public announcement on it's website to an unexpected QB community. In the message, Master Creating makes many important announcements about it's project and website, the most striking of which is probably the splitting of Master Creating into two distinct websites. The first website,, is intended to be the website for Master Creating's commercial games. The second website,, is intended to house all of Master Creating's QuickBasic-related projects, as well as many of the features of the original Master Creating website. In short, it means that the Top 10 lists are here to stay.

Master Creating's various game projects have also been given status. Shadow of Power, their award-winning QBRPG, will continue to be freeware. In fact, Master Creating is currently having internal negotiations to see if the source to the game can be publically released. Also, there's no word yet on the future of Master Creating's adult projects, mainly Clarita Lopez's Suds Skin. The fact that there is no such word suggests that the game is still in development in QB as freeware.

As for commercial projects, Krakout Unlimited is scheduled to be one of Master Creating's first commercial games. The game classic based on the Commodore 64 game is being produced not in QuickBasic but with a more Windows-compatible language so that it can be sold through an American publisher to Windows-using consumers around the world.

Imerion, their strategy game, is currently being ported from QB to a Windows project. Imerion will be one of the first of Master Creating's commercial projects. "Because of all the internal changes and Krakout Unlimited it [Imerion] won´t be finished Winter 2000/2001 as announced, but we are sure it will be completed in summer 2001," explains Master Creating.

On an e-mail we received from Merlin before the public announcement, he explained that "The truth is that we won't code in Quickbasic in the future - on the other hand we won't really leave the QB community."

Opinions of Master Creating's shift to commercial games has been met with mixed reviews, ranging from wishes of good luck to feelings of betrayal and an air of a great QB programming team being bought out by a publisher. Personally I wish the best for anyone who has programmed in QB. Master Creating has already given so much to the community in terms of games and news coverage. They also said that all profits earned will be used to budget even bigger and better games. If game-making is their passion and their QB projects are anything to go by, Master Creating will have a bright future in the world of commercial games.

Article written by Vance Velez, Editor

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