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2001 Gaming Gold Nomination Form

(1/12/2001) For those last-minute voters, our new 2001 Gaming Gold Nomination Form will help you vote for your favorite QB games and developers with little effort!

Now's the time to nominate your QB games for the 2nd Annual Gaming Gold Awards.

In just one short V Planet! update (about the length of a week), the 2001 QB Gaming Gold ballot will be finalized. What games will be nominated this year for Best RPG, Best Arcade Game, and Game of the Year? Which videogame characters will battle for Best QB Gaming Hunk and Gaming Babe? And which programmers and programming teams will be honored by the Generations Award, QB Legend Award, Programming Team of the Year? All these questions will be one step closer to being answered after nominations are cleared.

But wait! There's still a chance for you to nominate games, programmers, and videogame characters for the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards! All you have to do is fill out this fun and easy last-minute form.


To work this form, simply write all the nominees (games, programmers, videogame characters, etc.) that you want to nominate for the QB Gaming Gold Awards. Separate each nominee by commas, and label each programmer and videogame character so we know what game they're from (example: Cookie "Cookie Delivery"). Then, click Nominate! To reduce cheating, you may only enter a list of nominees in this list once.

All nominations received before V Planet's next update will be considered and the ballot for the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards will be announced to the public by then.

Nomination Form by Jeremy Hammond

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