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Cyber Chick Squares Up

(6/25/2000) Wisdomdude's flagship huntress is crowned the winner of the Make Your Character Count contest.

I wouldn't call this girl a booth babe if I were you.

In mid-June, V Planet issued a contest called The Make Your Character Count Contest, where QB developers were given the opportunity to get their QB character to be one of the main mascots of the QB Expo. To win, you have to name the twenty games collaged on the V Planet! banner. The original deadline for this contest was June 28, 2000, but one of the winners of the contest was already crowned when James Robert Osborne named all twenty games on the first try.

JRO, better known as Wisdomdude, named all twenty games only two days after the contest was issued. It probably wasn't a lucky guess either; James Robert Osborne is currently one of the Webmasters at Pete's QBasic Site, the only other major QB review site currently on the Internet.

Upon winning the contest, James Robert Osborne chose Cyber Chick to be the first mascot attending the 2000 QB Expo. Cyber Chick's first appearance in a QB game was this year, when a platformer demo called Cyber Chick was released in Pete's QBasic site. Cyber Chick received a warm welcome at the site, receiving an impressive 85% score and offering promise of what looks to be a good Contra/Metroid style game in QB.

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